How do I learn English like a native speaker?

Fluency is every language learner’s ultimate goal. We all hope we can become almost indistinguishable from a native speaker, but we are often told that if we didn’t start learning the language as a child, we will never be as good as a native speaker. However, this is not true and mastering native-like English is possible with a few tricks.;

In this article, we share three key steps to help you learn English like a native speaker.

Be confident

For starters, don’t be deceived by the notion that you cannot master the language because you’re not a native speaker. In reality, native speakers make many spoken mistakes, both while speaking and writing. They often use incorrect sentence structures and can at times have a surprisingly limited vocabulary.

Listen and repeat

Secondly, listening and repeating are key. Either listen to a native speaker friend or watch an English show and imitate the pronunciation. Pay some attention to the movement of the mouth, to the flow of their sentences, and to their pauses. Once you attain a rhythm within the language, the learning process becomes subconscious.

Study idioms

A third step to take is to learn and practice idiomatic expressions. These are essential to your effort to fashionably express your thoughts and ideas in a way only a true master of the language can.

Learn from native speakers

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