One of the most amazing human activities is sleeping. It not only replenishes our strength and optimizes our brain functions, but it also feels fantastic. Learn different ways to say good night in Spanish and let people know that they are important and valued.

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How to say good night in Spanish

We will start with the most common and widely used phrases to say good night in Spanish.

Good nightBuenas nochesˈbwenaz ˈnoʧesboo-eh-nahs noh-chehs
Have a good nightQue tengas una linda nocheˈke ˈtenɡas ˈuna ˈlinda ˈnoʧekeh tehn-gas ooh-nah leen-dah noh-che
Good night, my friendBuenas noches, amigoˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | aˈmiɣoboo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, ah-me-go
Have a good night (formal)Que tenga muy buenas nochesˈke ˈtenɡa muj ˈβwenaz ˈnoʧeskeh tehn-gas oo-nah mooy boo-eh-nah noh-che
Bye, good nightAdiós, buenas nochesaˈðjos | ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧesah-dee-os, boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs
Thank you, good nightGracias, buenas nochesˈɡɾasjas | ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧesgrah-see-ahs, boo-eh-nahs noh-chehs
Okay, good nightOkey, buenas nochesoˈkej | ˈbwenaz ˈnoʧesOh-kay, boo-eh-nahs noh-ches
Good night, everyoneBuenas noches a todosˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes a ˈtoðosboo-eh-nahs noh-ches ah toe-dos

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Romantic ways to say good night in Spanish

Everyone has different reasons for learning Spanish, and many people learn the language after falling in love with a Spanish speaker. Others may find a partner by chance as they travel through Spanish-speaking countries In any case, here are some cute ways to say good night in Spanish.

Good night, my loveBuenas noches, mi amorˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | mj aˈmoɾboo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, me ah-more
Good night, sweet dreamsBuenas noches, dulces sueñosˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | ˈdulses ˈsweɲosboo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, dool-sehs soo-eh-nyohs
Good night, beautifulBuenas noches, hermosaˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | eɾˈmosaboo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, air-mo-sah
Good night, handsomeBuenas noches, guapoˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | ˈɡwapoboo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, goo-ah-po
Good night, my heartBuenas noches, corazónˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | koɾaˈsonboo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, co-rah-zon
Good night, babyBuenas noches, bebéˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | beˈβeboo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, beh-beh
Good night, sweetieBuenas noches, linduraˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | linˈduɾboo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, leen-doo-rah
Good night, princessBuenas noches, princesaˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | pɾinˈsesaboo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, preen-seh-sah
Good night, my princeBuenas noches, mi príncipeˈbwenaz ˈnoʧes | mi ˈpɾinsipeboo-eh-nahs noh-chehs, me preen-see-peh
Dream of meSueña conmigoˈsweɲa komˈmiɣosoo-eh-nyah con me-go

Other greetings to say good night in Spanish

Aside from the standard ways of saying good night, Spanish speakers use a variety of other phrases to convey the same meaning. There are many similar phrases in Spanish to saying good night in English, such as “sleep tight.”

Have a good eveningQue pases buena nocheˈke ˈpasez ˈβwena ˈnoʧekeh pah-sehs boo-eh-nah no-che
Sweet dreamsDulces sueñosˈdulses ˈsweɲosdool-sehs soo-eh-nyos
I hope you rest wellQue descansesˈke ðesˈkanseskeh des-cahn-sehs
Rest wellDescansadesˈkansades-cahn-sah
Until tomorrowHasta mañanaˈasta maˈɲanaahs-tah mah-nyah-nah
See you tomorrowNos vemos mañananoz ˈβemoz maˈɲananos veh-mos mah-nyah-nah
I hope you sleep wellQue duermas bienˈke ˈðweɾmaz ˈβjenkeh doo-air-mas bee-ehn
Sleep wellDuerme bienˈdweɾme ˈβjendoo-air-meh bee-ehn
I hope you dreamQue sueñes con los angelitosˈke ˈsweɲes kon los anxeˈlitoskeh soo-eh-nyes con los ahn-heh-lee-toes
I’m going to bedYa me voy a dormirʝa me ˈβoj a ðoɾˈmiɾya meh voy ah door meer
I’m going to go restYa me voy a descansarʝa me ˈβoj a ðeskanˈsaɾya me voy ah des-cahn-sar
Have a nice nightLinda nocheˈlinda ˈnoʧeleen-da no-che
Have a happy nightFeliz nochefeˈliz ˈnoʧefeh-leez no-che
Time for me to go to sleepHora de irme a dormirˈoɾa ðe ˈiɾme a ðoɾˈmiɾoh-rah deh eer ah door-meer
I’ll see you in the morningNos vemos por la mañananoz ˈβemos poɾ la maˈɲananos veh-mos pore lah mah-nyah-nah

Slang phrases to say good night in Spanish

This doll is going to a different dresserEste muñeco cambia de aparadorˈeste muˈɲeko ˈkambja ðe apaɾaˈðoɾehs-teh moo-nyeh-co cahm-bee-ah deh ah-pah-rah-doorSlang way to say you’re going to bed
This teddy bear is going back to its boxEste osito de peluche se va para su estucheˈeste oˈsito ðe peˈluʧe se ˈβa ˈpaɾa sw esˈtuʧeehs-teh oh-see-toe deh peh-loo-che seh vah pah-rah sue ehs-too-cheSlang way to say you’re going to bed
I’m going to the envelopeMe voy al sobreme ˈβoj al ˈsoβɾemeh voy al so-brehSlang way to say you’re going to bed
I’m off to the dance with the white sheetsMe voy al baile de las sábanas blancasme ˈβoj al ˈβajle ðe las ˈsaβanaz ˈβlankasmeh voy al bah-e-leh deh las sah-bah-nahs blahn-casSlang way to say you’re going to bed
I slept like a logDormí como un troncodoɾˈmi ˈkomo wn ˈtɾonkodoor-me co-mo oon trohn-coMeans that you slept very deeply
I fell deadCaí muertokaˈi ˈmweɾtocah-e moo-air-toeMeans that you slept very deeply

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do you say good evening in Spanish?

A. Spanish doesn’t differentiate between good evening and good night. So, to say “good evening” as a greeting, use the same phrase as you would for a farewell: buenas noches.

Q. Do you know how to say good night in Spanish?

A. Most people will understand you if you say “good night” in Spanish. Though not everyone in Spanish-speaking countries speaks English fluently, most understand simple words and phrases such as good night.

Q. Why is the phrase “good night” plural in Spanish?

Many English speakers are puzzled as to why the phrase “buenas noches” is plural, even if it refers to a single night. While the origins of this phrase are unknown, the most widely accepted theory is that it is a contraction of a longer phrase: “buenas noches os dé Dios.” This phrase translates to “May God bestow good nights upon you.”


Now that, you know different ways to say good night in Spanish use them in your daily conversations. You can also learn to say good morning in Spanish to have a refreshing and uplifting start to the day.

Remember, there are several benefits to learning Spanish. This language is spoken by millions of people around the world. Knowing Spanish can help you a lot in both personal and professional settings.

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