Even if you know how to order food in Spanish, you’ll want to get something to wash it all down. Fortunately, there are hundreds of delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, ranging from traditional coffees and fruit juices to local specialties you may or may not be familiar with.

This guide will cover all the essential ways to order drinks in Spanish. So, let’s get started!

Learn how to order drinks in Spanish

How to order drinks in Spanish?

First, you’ll need to learn how to say “drinks” in Spanish. Fortunately, there is a simple word for all drinks and beverages: bebidas. These can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, so simply use that term to refer to any unidentified drink.

DrinkUna bebida
DrinksUnas bebidas
Drink (alcoholic)Un trago
Drinks (alcoholic)Unos tragos
CocktailUn cóctel
CocktailsUnos cocteles

Common ways to order drinks in Spanish

If you want to order right away, here are a few simple ways to get exactly what you want.

Hi, may I please have a ____?Hola, ¿te puedo pedir un ____, por favor?
I want a coffee with almond milk and brown sugar, please.Quiero un café con leche de almendras y azúcar morena, por favor.
I’d like a really cold beer, please.Quisiera una cerveza bien helada, por favor.
I would like a cocktail that’s not too sweet, please.Me gustaría un cóctel que no esté muy dulce, por favor.
I would like a glass of Argentine malbec, please.Quisiera una copa de malbec argentino, por favor.
Do you have any non-alcoholic drinks?¿Tienes bebidas sin alcohol?
Is it okay if I sit down just to have a drink?¿Está bien si me siento solo a tomar una bebida?
I would like a hot latte, please. What milk options do you have?Quisiera un latte caliente, por favor. ¿Qué opciones de leche tienen?
I would like a banderita with Don Julio 70 tequila, please.Quisiera una banderita con tequila Don Julio 70, por favor.
May I order a pint of beer and sparkling water, please?¿Te puedo pedir una pinta de cerveza y un agua con gas, por favor?

While exploring different places to travel in Spain, you must also explore different types of drinks available in these regions. Doing so will make your tour yummy and full of fun. Below, we have mentioned several alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Non-alcoholic drinks in Spanish

JuiceEl jugo / el zumo
SodaEl refresco
Orange juiceEl jugo de naranja
LemonadeLa limonada
MilkLa leche
Root beerLa cerveza de raíz
KombuchaLa kombucha
SmoothieEl licuado
Bubble teaEl té con tapioca
Fruit waterLas aguas frescas
Ginger beerLa cerveza de jengibre
HorchataLa horchata
Iced teaEl té helado
Iced coffeeEl café helado
MilkLa leche
Almond milkLa leche de almendras
Soy milkLa leche de soya
Coconut milkLa leche de coco
Sparkling lemonadeLa limonada mineral
Hibiscus waterLa jamaica
SlushieEl raspado
Explore different types of drinks in Spanish

Tea and coffee in Spanish

Many of us cannot imagine starting the day without a steaming cup of hot coffee or a delicious cup of chai. So, if you’re worried about traveling abroad and not being able to get your caffeine fix, the table below will undoubtedly help.

CoffeeEl café
Coffee with milkEl café con leche
Coffee with milk and sugarEl café con leche y azúcar
Decaf coffeeEl café descafeinado
TeaEl té
Hot chocolateEl chocolate caliente
Chai latteEl chai latte
CappuccinoEl capuchino
EspressoEl espresso
Drip coffeeEl café de filtro
LatteEl café latte
CortadoEl café cortado
AmericanoEl café americano
Turkish coffeeEl café turco
FrappéEl frappé
Herbal teaEl té herbal
Black teaEl té negro
Green teaEl té verde
Mint teaEl té de menta
Chamomile teaEl té de manzanilla
Cinnamon teaEl té de canela
Jasmine teaEl té de jazmín

Alcoholic drinks and cocktails in Spanish

If you enjoy the nightlife or simply want to have a few drinks on your next trip, you’ll need to know how to order mixed alcoholic beverages and cocktails in Spanish. In Spanish-speaking countries, you can enjoy a variety of tasty cocktails, including Mexican margaritas and Puerto Rican piña coladas.

MargaritaLa margarita
Gin and tonicEl gin tonic
SangriaLa sangría
MojitoEl mojito
MimosaLa mimosa
Old-fashionedEl old-fashioned
Bloody MaryLa bloody mary
Piña coladaLa piña colada
Tequila sunriseEl tequila sunrise
DaiquiriEl daiquiri
Irish coffeeEl café irlandés
CarajilloEl carajillo
MartiniEl martini
PalomaLa paloma
Discover different Spanish cocktails

Drink-related verbs in Spanish

To drinkTomar
To be thirstyTener sed
To be potableSer potable
To be drunkEstar borracho
To be tipsyEstar un poco borracho
To orderPedir
To wantQuerer
To pourServir
To boilHervir
To diluteDiluir
To dissolveDisolver
To spillDerramar

We hope now you know how to order drinks in Spanish. You need to practice Spanish speaking if you want to develop the right pronunciation of drinks in Spanish. Seeking professional guidance can help you achieve your destination within a short time.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s a common greeting when entering a bar or restaurant?

A simple “Hola” (hello) or “Buenas” (good [time of day]) is a friendly way to start your interaction.

How can I ask for the drink menu?

You can say, “¿Puedo ver la carta de bebidas?” (Can I see the drink menu?) to explore the available options.

What’s the phrase for ordering a specific drink, like a coffee or a cocktail?

Specify your choice with phrases like “Quisiera un café, por favor” (I would like a coffee, please) or “Me gustaría un cóctel, por favor” (I would like a cocktail, please).

How do I ask for recommendations from the bartender?

Inquire with, “¿Qué me recomienda?” (What do you recommend?) to get suggestions based on your preferences.


A large number of drinks are available in Spanish-speaking regions, so learning how to order drinks in Spanish is a must. We also recommend you generate flashcards to memorize these Spanish words and phrases.

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