Embarking on a culinary adventure in a Spanish-speaking country? One of the most delightful experiences you can have is savoring a traditional Spanish breakfast. However, navigating the local breakfast scene can be overwhelming if unfamiliar with the language.

This comprehensive guide will take you through the essential phrases and cultural nuances to master ordering breakfast in Spanish. So, let’s get started!

Learn how to order breakfast in Spanish

How to order breakfast in Spanish?

Before diving into specific phrases, familiarize yourself with some basic Spanish breakfast terms. “Desayuno” is the word for breakfast, which you’ll encounter frequently on menus. Everyday breakfast items include “pan” (bread), “huevos” (eggs), “jugo” (juice), and “café” (coffee). Knowing these fundamental terms will already give you a head start. Learning common Spanish phrases can help you navigate conversations. You can get help from different Spanish media resources to expand your vocabulary list.

Phrases for ordering food in Spanish


When you enter a café, a friendly greeting is essential. Use phrases like “Buenos días” (Good morning) or “Hola” (Hello) to initiate a positive interaction with the staff.

Asking for a Table

You might need to ask for a table if you’re dining in. Polite phrases such as “¿Puedo conseguir una mesa, por favor?” (Can I get a table, please?) will be helpful.

Ordering Drinks

Start your breakfast order with beverages. Whether you prefer “un café” (a coffee), “un té” (tea), or “un zumo de naranja” (orange juice), make your preferences clear.

Selecting Breakfast Items

Dive into the main course by choosing from various breakfast options. For instance, “Quisiera un croissant con jamón y queso” (I would like a ham and cheese croissant) or “Me gustaría unos huevos revueltos con aguacate” (I would like scrambled eggs with avocado).

You can also explore famous Spanish breakfast food to explore the best options. Knowing these food dishes will also help you understand the menus available at different restaurants.

Customizing Your Order

Don’t hesitate to customize your order based on preferences or dietary restrictions. Phrases like “Sin azúcar” (Without sugar) or “Con leche desnatada” (With skimmed milk) can be helpful.

Learn essential phrases to understand Spanish breakfast menu

Cultural tips on ordering breakfast in Spanish

Embracing local customs

Understanding the local breakfast culture is crucial. In Spain, breakfast is often a light affair, and people tend to enjoy a more significant meal later in the day.

Taking your time

Spanish breakfasts are meant to be relished, so don’t rush. Engage in the relaxed pace, enjoy your coffee, and enjoy the flavors of your meal.

Learning numbers

Familiarize yourself with numbers in Spanish to communicate quantities accurately. This skill will prove valuable when ordering items like pastries or requesting specific quantities.

Exploring regional specialties

Different regions in Spain have their breakfast specialties. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations, and be open to trying local dishes unique to the area you are visiting.

Getting immersed in Spanish culture is necessary to take the most out of your trip. You can also seek a Spanish exchange partner to polish your speaking abilities. These practical strategies can help you build the confidence to speak Spanish in public.

Find the exchange partner to understand breakfast culture

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Frequently asked questions

What are common breakfast items in Spanish-speaking countries?

Common breakfast items include “pan” (bread), “huevos” (eggs), “jugo” (juice), and “café” (coffee).

How do I greet the staff when entering a café for breakfast?

A friendly greeting like “Buenos días” (Good morning) or “Hola” (Hello) is a great way to start.

What phrases can I use to order a table at a café?

You can use phrases like “¿Puedo conseguir una mesa, por favor?” (Can I get a table, please?).


You’ve now mastered the essentials of ordering breakfast in Spanish. Armed with these phrases and cultural insights, you can confidently navigate breakfast menus, engage with locals, and indulge in the delightful flavors of Spanish morning cuisine.

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