Learning to order eggs in Spanish is an excellent way to improve your Spanish skills. Knowing how to order eggs is useful when dining out or shopping in a Spanish-speaking market. In this article, we’ll review the fundamentals of ordering eggs in Spanish and offer some helpful hints for ordering them confidently and correctly.

Learn how to order eggs in Spanish

Understanding the fundamentals of ordering eggs in Spanish

Before you can order eggs in Spanish, you must first learn the essential vocabulary. The most common Spanish words for ordering eggs are “huevos,” which means “eggs,” and “revueltos,” which means “scrambled.” You’ll also need to know terms like “fritos,” which means “fried,” “estrellados,” which means “scrambled with potatoes,” and “revueltos con verduras,” which means “scrambled with vegetables.”

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Different types of eggs

In Spanish-speaking countries, you can order a variety of eggs, including boiled, poached, fried, and scrambled, and so on. The most commonly ordered egg is a “huevo frito,” or fried egg. You can also order “huevos revueltos,” or scrambled eggs. If you want scrambled eggs with potatoes or vegetables, ask for “huevos estrellados con patatas” (scrambled eggs with potatoes) or “huevos revueltos con verduras”.

Explore different types of egg dishes

Tips for ordering eggs in Spanish

When ordering eggs in Spanish, remember to use the proper verb tense. For example, to order a fried egg, you would say “Quiero huevo frito,” which means “I want a fried egg.” To order scrambled eggs, say “Quiero huevos revueltos,” which means “I want scrambled eggs.”

In addition to the basic types of eggs, there are some variations available for order. For example, you could order “huevos estrellados con cebolla,” which means “scrambled eggs with onion,” or “huevos estrellados con tocino,” which means “scrambled eggs with bacon.” You can also get “huevos al plato,” which means “eggs on a plate,” and “huevos con jamón,” which means “eggs with ham.”

Use the correct pronunciation

When ordering eggs in Spanish, make sure to use the correct pronunciation. The word “huevo” should be pronounced “WEH-voh,” while “revueltos” should be pronounced, “reh-VWEHL-tohs.” In addition, make sure to correctly pronounce nouns like “cebolla” (onion), “tocino” (bacon) and “jamón” (ham). Expand your knowledge of common Spanish phrases so that you can convey your order without any problem.  

Use the correct greetings

When ordering eggs in Spanish, make sure to use the proper greetings and polite phrases. Begin with a greeting like “buenas tardes” or “buenos días” (good morning). You should also say “por favour” (please) when ordering and “gracias” (thank you) when finished.

Use correct greeting with waiter

Ensure you get what you have ordered

When ordering eggs in Spanish, ensure you get exactly what you ordered. Before leaving the restaurant, double-check that you received the correct order and that it was cooked as requested. It’s also a good idea to double-check the order price before paying.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I order ‘poached eggs’ in Spanish?

To order ‘poached eggs’ in Spanish, you can say ‘huevos pochados’ or ‘huevos escalfados.’

What does ‘huevos a la mexicana’ mean in English?

‘Huevos a la mexicana’ translates to ‘Mexican-style eggs,’ typically prepared with tomatoes, onions, and chili peppers.

Is there a vegetarian option for eggs in Spanish cuisine?

Yes, ‘tortilla española’ is a popular vegetarian Spanish dish made with eggs, potatoes, and onions.


By now, you should know how to order eggs in Spanish. You can now order eggs like a native by asking for them sunny side up, omelets, or scrambled. With a few simple words and phrases, you can prepare a delicious breakfast in no time. Whether you’re dining in a Spanish-speaking country or simply ordering breakfast from a Spanish-speaking server, you now have the tools to confidently place your order.

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