For some of us, coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s an absolute necessity. If this sounds like you, don’t waste any more time learning how to order coffee in Spanish. Even if you’re not studying Spanish, you should learn how to order coffee in various languages. That way, you’ll be able to get your caffeine fix no matter where you are.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about coffee, from ordering your favorite drink to coffee slang. So, let’s get started!

Learn how to order coffee in Spanish

Learn to order coffee in Spanish like a real pro

If you know common Spanish phrases and learned about colors, you’ll already know how to say coffee: café. Yes, just like the color brown, coffee in Spanish is called café. The singular already ends in -e, so all you have to do to make it plural is add a -s: cafés. Because café is a masculine noun, if you want to order a coffee, simply ask for un café.

Types of coffees you can order

There is a wide variety of Mexican-Spanish food and drinks to explore and relish. Just like that, there are different types of coffee available in Spain. You must expand your Spanish vocabulary to get the coffee you want.

CoffeeUn café
Iced coffeeUn café helado
Black coffeeUn café negro
A cup of coffeeUna taza de café
Decaf coffeeUn café descafeinado
LatteUn latte
CappuccinoUn cappuccino
Flat whiteUn flat white
A shot of espressoUn shot de espresso
A double espressoUn espresso doble
A macchiatoUn macchiato
Learn to ask for iced-coffee in Spanish

Coffee is a significant part of most Hispanic cultures. So, even if you don’t drink coffee, you’re likely to hear a lot of coffee-related words and phrases in Spanish. And who knows, if you spend enough time in Colombia’s coffee regions, you might become an avid coffee drinker yourself!

Do you want coffee?¿Quieres café?
Coffee breakUn descanso para tomar café
I need coffee!¡Necesito un café!
Can I have more coffee, please?¿Me podrías servir más café, por favor?
A coffee for hereUn café para tomar aquí
A coffee to goUn café para llevar
A coffee mugUna taza de café
A paper cupUn vaso de cartón
A reusable cupUn vaso reutilizable
A strawUn popote / Una paja
A lidUna tapa
A sleeveUna manga
A coffee stirrerUn agitador de café

Coffee slang in Spanish

If you’ve spent time in a Spanish-speaking community, you know that everyday conversations rarely sound like the dialogues in your textbooks. Spanish slang is widely used throughout Spain and Latin America, so learning a few words of coffee slang in Spanish would be a good use of your time.

A redUn tintoBlack coffee
A marshmallowUn bombónHalf espresso half condensed milk
A cutUn cortadoEspresso with steamed milk
A damnUn carajilloIced espresso with Licor 43
A stained milkLeche manchadaWarm milk with a touch of coffee

Nowadays, you can order a coffee with syrup, foam, a caramel swirl, an extra shot, milk, soy milk, oat milk, or no milk. The possibilities are limitless. Regardless, we’ve included some of the most common ways to order coffee in Spanish in the table below. While this does not cover the entire range and versatility of this delicious coffee drink, it is a good start.

Ways to order coffee in Spanish

With milkCon leche
With almond milkCon leche de almendras
With soy milkCon leche de soya
With oat milkCon leche de avena
Without milkSin leche
With sugarCon azúcar
With milk and sugarCon leche y azúcar
With an extra shotCon un shot de espresso adicional
On the rocksEn las rocas
With foamCon espuma
With cinnamonCon canela
With simple syrupCon jarabe natural
With vanilla syrupCon jarabe de vainilla
With caramel syrupCon jarabe de caramelo
With a caramel swirlCon espiral de caramelo
With whipped creamCon crema batida

Some example sentences to order coffee in Spanish

Hello, I would like a black coffee, please.Hola, quisiera un café negro, por favor.
May I order a cappuccino with sugar, please?¿Te puedo pedir un capuccino con azúcar, por favor?
I would like an iced macchiato with a caramel swirl and whipped cream, please.Quiero un macchiato helado con espiral de caramelo y crema batida, por favor.
Do you serve frappés?¿Tienes frapés?
An iced americano on the rocks with vanilla syrup, please.Un americano en las rocas con jarabe de vainilla, por favor.
A decaf iced latte, please.Un latte helado descafeinado, por favor.
Place your coffee order confidently

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Frequently asked questions

How do you ask for a black coffee in Spanish?

To order black coffee, simply ask for ‘un café solo’ or ‘un café negro.’

What is a ‘cortado’ and how do I order it?

A ‘cortado’ is an espresso with a small amount of warm milk. Order it by saying ‘un café cortado.’

Can I request a decaffeinated coffee in Spanish?

Yes, you can ask for decaffeinated coffee by saying ‘un café descafeinado.’

How is a ‘café con leche’ different from a ‘latte’?

‘Café con leche’ is similar to a latte, consisting of equal parts coffee and hot milk. You can order it simply by saying ‘un café con leche.’


We hope now you can order the coffee in Spanish with utmost ease and grace. If you are a Spanish learner, we truly appreciate the hard work you are putting in to meet your desired learning goal.

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