If you know how to say beer in Spanish, you’re probably familiar with the word cerveza. And what is better than a single cerveza? Two cervezas. Because this is a regular noun, all you need to do to make it plural is add -s at the end.

Learn how to order beer in Spanish

If you’re a beer enthusiast, you need to know how to order beer more and how to order multiple types of beer. As diverse as the beer world is, we’ve compiled a list of 25 beer types in Spanish so you can order your favorite hops from anywhere.

Exploring the world of beer in Spanish

Types of beer

Let’s look at the different types of beer available in Spanish regions. Along with these, you also need to learn common Spanish phrases to navigate conversations and make your drinking process smoother and easier.

Wheat beerCerveza de trigo
Sour aleCerveza agria
Blonde aleAle rubia
Brown aleBrown ale
Pale aleAle pálida
India pale ale (IPA)India pale ale
Old aleAle antigua
Belgian aleAle belga
WeißbierCerveza blanca
Imperial stoutStout imperial
Root beerCerveza de raíz
Cold beerCerveza fría
Draft beerCerveza de barril
Craft beerCerveza artesanal
Low carb beerCerveza baja en carbohidratos
Non-alcoholic beerCerveza sin alcohol
Gluten-free beerCerveza sin gluten
Low-calorie beerCerveza baja en calorías
Explore different types of beer in Spanish

Knowing Spanish breakfast food, coffee, tea, and beer is essential to make your trip memorable and exciting. Every region has its specialty, and knowing the popular food or drink can help you enjoy as much as possible.

Popular beer brands in Spanish-speaking regions

Did you know that Mexico is by far the world’s largest beer exporter? Corona, one of the world’s most popular beer brands, was created in the heart of Mexico City.

Plus, with beautiful weather in most Spanish-speaking countries, it’s no surprise that Hispanics enjoy an ice-cold beer. The following are the most popular beer brands in each Spanish-speaking country:

CountryBeer Brand
CubaLa Tropical
Dominican RepublicPresidente
Puerto RicoMedalla
HondurasSalva Vida
El SalvadorPilsener
Costa RicaImperial
Equatorial GuineaCastel

How do you describe beer in Spanish?

If you know Spanish and want to challenge yourself, try describing beer’s flavor, aroma, or even appearance in Spanish. Next time you go out with your friends, try describing your beer with one of the following words:


Ways beer is served in Spanish

The method in which your beer is served is almost as important as the beer itself. Few things are more refreshing than an ice-cold lager on a hot summer day, but that may not be what most of us want on a cozy winter afternoon. Knowing how beers are served can help improve your experience.

Beer bottleCerveza en botella
Beer canCerveza en lata
Beer jugCerveza en tarro
With lime and saltCon limón y sal
Beer with lime, salt, and saucesMichelada
Ice-cold beerUna cerveza bien helada
Draft beerUna cerveza de barril
Beer pitcherUna jarra de cerveza
Beer tastingDegustación de cervezas artesanales
ImportedDe importación

How to order beer in Spanish?

We will now provide you with a few useful sample sentences on how to order this delicious beverage.

I would like a beer, please.Quiero una cerveza, por favor.
I need a beer.Necesito una cerveza.
Another beer, please.Otra cerveza, por favor.
Excuse me, could I get a beer?Disculpe, ¿me podría servir una cerveza?
Three domestic beers, please.Tres cervezas nacionales, por favor.
Excuse me, do you have draft beer?Disculpa, ¿tienes cerveza de barril?
Which domestic beers do you have?¿Qué cervezas nacionales tienes?
Which craft beers do you have?¿Qué cervezas artesanales tienes?
Do you have any local beer?¿Tienes alguna cerveza local?
A corona beer with lime, salt, and sauces, please.Una michelada con cerveza Corona, por favor.
Two ice-cold beers, please.Dos cervezas bien heladas, por favor.
A beer in a jug with lime and salt, please.Una cerveza en un tarro con limón y sal, por favor.
A pitcher of lager beer with three ice-cold glasses, please.Una jarra de cerveza lager y tres vasos bien helados, por favor.
A pint of India pale ale, please.Una pinta de India pale ale, por favor.
Order at Spanish bars confidently

Follow this guide to order your favorite beer in Spanish. Even if you are not heading to Spain for leisure time but for educational or employment purposes, knowing how to order food or drinks can help you eat at restaurants easily. Knowing how to find a job in Spain can help you find employment in your desired field. Look for ways to get immersed in such a big market providing endless growth opportunities.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I ask for a draft beer in Spanish?

You can ask for a draft beer by saying, “Una cerveza de barril, por favor” (A draft beer, please).

What if I want a bottled beer instead?

To request a bottled beer, you can say, “Una cerveza de botella, por favor” (A bottled beer, please).

How do I ask for the bill after ordering beer?

To request the bill, you can say “La cuenta, por favor” (The bill, please).

Is it customary to tip when ordering beer in Spanish-speaking countries?

Tipping customs vary by country, but leaving a small tip for good service is generally appreciated.


Mastering how to order beer in Spanish opens doors to enjoying authentic cultural experiences in Spanish-speaking regions. From learning basic phrases like “Una cerveza, por favor” (One beer, please) to understanding nuances such as specifying the type of beer or requesting preferences like “fría” (cold) or “con limón” (with lime), navigating Spanish-speaking bars and restaurants becomes smooth.

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