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World Teacher’s day is coming, let’s show our thanks to all of our great teachers!
Hey everyone! My name is Yuliia! I’m from Ukraine and I’m really proud of that🇺🇦I’m a Ukrainian language tutor on Italki🇺🇦🤓But also I’m also human😅 Besides my love of teaching, I also have some hobbies:) Now I live in Turkiye and I study Turkish very hard! And I really want to start learning Spanish or Polish in the near future! Knowing many languages ​​is not only prestigious, but it is also very useful for the brain and the prevention of Alzheimer's disease☝️ In my free time I like to go to the gym, ice-skating and bowling with friends! I really love horror movies👻 and go to the cinema🍿🎥 My other passion is cats!🐱I even have one🐈I think it’s one of the cutiest creature in the wold! Other my passion is music🎶 Unfortunately I don’t play any instrument but I understand music very well! I can't imagine even one day of my life without music! Especially I'm into rock and electronic music🎵 I will be very happy if you write something about yourself in the comments ✍️
Oct 9, 2022 10:38 PM
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