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This episode is about 【24-hour gym】, you will learn how to say 【weightlifting,Socializing,Leisure】 ect. The material helps you get used to different voice and accent. -------------------------------------------------- It is recommended that you study in the following ways: Step 1: Gist listening. Listen to get the main idea. (more times if necessary) Step 2: Read the text to find out words you didn't get, then look up the dictionary. Step 3: Listen and imitate as much as you can without looking at the text. Step 4: Write down what you hear if you want to practise writing. -------------------------------------------------- 男:最近晚间或者是24小时营业的健身场馆就格外地火爆,这种再晚也能撸铁的空间受到了很多城市年轻人的喜欢。 女:嗯,这种健身房它有全自助方式的无人健身房,也有半自助的。你比如说上午10点到晚上十点是正常营业的,剩余时段是会员自助。像全时段营业、智能化运营、付费方式灵活也成为了24小时健身场馆的卖点。 男:嗯,目前多家24小时健身馆客流人群还是以年轻人为主,当然也得提个醒,医生的建议是饱餐后太过疲惫不适合做运动。另外,保障规律的运动时间也很重要。如果想早上或者是晚上运动,那还是要在不影响睡眠和工作的前提下进行。另外,一个人在健身房练习的时候还要格外注意安全。 女:现如今大家的生活水平越来越高了,我们对于运动健身包括体重管理更重视了,追求健康科学规律的生活是一种生活方式,更是一种生活态度。 男:在这样的地方想运动可以运动,想社交呢也可以社交,想休闲呢也能够独处。一方面是方便,一方面也确实让人感受更自在。 女:其实不仅是健身场馆,这些年全天候不打烊的24小时空间都挺火的。像便利店,还有24小时的阅读空间等等。市场有需求,相关的场所也越来越多了,对相关行业是机遇,让咱们的生活更加便利。 (来源:抖音“中国之声”) -------------------------------------------------- 营业/yíng yè/Business/opening 火爆/huǒ bào/Hot,booming 撸铁/lū tiě/weightlifting 全自助/quán zì zhù/Fully self-service 智能化/zhì néng huà/intelligentize 运营/yùn yíng/Operation 付费方式/fù fèi fāng shì/Payment method 灵活/líng huó/Flexible 客流人群/kè liú rén qún/customer group 饱餐/bǎo cān/make a feast of 疲惫/pí bèi/Tiredness 保障/bǎo zhàng/Guarantee 规律/guī lǜ/Regular 社交/shè jiāo/Socializing 休闲/xiū xián/Leisure 独处/dú chǔ/stay alone 打烊/dǎ yàng/close the store for the night 机遇/jī yù/Opportunity
24小时健身房 24-hour gym(Advanced level)
21 ก.ค. 2024 เวลา 4:33
From a job seeker to a value-giver. How do I be offered a position instead of begging for one? Those who don't listen to this recording may create these kinds of feelings and thoughts in HR managers minds: failure attitude, lack of impression, inability to persuade, lack of sales skills, and continuous doubts. Will you hire a person that gives you these impressions? Can you relate to this statement: "I feel like begging for a job instead of offering my services?". Have you heard people do this? Or even yourself? It seems that they forget they have experience, value, solved cases, success stories, etc. It seems that a job interview process clutters their imagination with 'what has to be done' in a job interview suggested by Google, but they forget who they are and what they stand for. Can you relate to it? It's like your 5–10–20 years of experience don't matter any longer. Why did you throw it away? Why have this attitude, and what can it cause during a job interview? Dive into the recording now and benefit from one of my students, Arina; she was the one that inspired me to record this success secret for you. And when you are ready, apply for my trial class and be accepted for 1-on-1 private coaching right now.
From a job seeker to a value-giver. How do I be offered a position instead of begging for one?
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Scary job interview in English or IELTS speaking test... What makes it scary? What is it about yourself that makes you feel inadequate, which makes it scary when you think about your future job interview in English? What skills or qualities do you have that you think aren't enough? Do you lack English vocabulary that you think might run you into the ditch? You do all of this, I know. I teach people like you with families like yours, so I know what is inside your head. And what is inside your head is the topic of today's success in recoding that you DON'T WANT TO MISS ON! I suggest you listen to it several times, as inside it is the KEY that will help you DISCOVER the power that lies within! I wish you luck in discovering it NOW, and I'd love to assist you on your journey. Apply for my private classes now.
Scary Job Interview In English or IELTS speaking test...
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Have you wondered what is important in a job interview? How should you speak to HR people? What skills do you illustrate best? What if you start speaking of a wrong thing that will ‘demotivate’ an employer from hiring you? Have you had these thoughts when preparing for a job interview? Most people forget they have value, they stand for something, and they have a character that (if positioned properly, and I help my private students to do that), if positioned properly, you can communicate ‘in a matching’ manner. The job interview process is a science; it takes meticulous research into the ‘unobvious traits that need to be brought up', such as pulling out your beliefs and attitudes as a'sales point’ that can potentially be the defining factor in being hired. In today’s recording, I’ll have you sold on some ideas my CEO students, C-level managers, and vice presidents of companies told me to share with you! J Since I have direct access to these people,. You don’t want to miss this podcast. Apply for my 1-on-1 private job interview training now and be fully prepared for a new chapter of your life.
Soft skills VS Hard skills in a Job Interview.
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