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Share your goal and reasons for learning a new language so that others can help you out.
Good topic! I’m learning Japanese and Vietnamese now. My system is to dedicate at least an hour a day doing various apps and tasks. Most of my learning is done on a mobile phone because I try to maximize my dead time when I'm on the subway or waiting. I use this Habit app called Habits and make sure that I can do all my language learning apps at least once a day. To get through them all, it takes me about an hour. Because Japanese is my newest language (I’ve been learning it for only 9 months now) I spend more time with it. For Vietnamese, I try to find time to read an article in Vietnamese or memorize new words. This is now a habit for me. I pretty much am able to get through most of my learning in the morning when I wake up at from around 6am to 7am. At night, I’m usually too tired to study anymore. This is my time for watching videos, particularly Japanese shows on Netflix or YouTube. I’m still at a point where I need the English subtitles. I highly recommend NetFlix for Language Learning or YouTube for Language learning as plug-ins. These plug-ins help display Japanese and English for me.
9. September 2020