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🔰AN INEVITABLE SHINNIE’S RULE YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW TO MASTER KOREAN LANGUAGE ACCURATELY AND QUICKLY. 0. Organize the ending grammar patterns Koreans and Korean organizations use the most first (~아/어/해 주실 수 있나요?) and vocabulary based on the stem(풀다, 타다, 끊다, 쌓다) topics(여행, 취업, 연애, 영화). 1. And then don’t blindly memorize but make sentences 24/7 like AI mode. *You have to use only what you learned during lessons and have to ask for vocabulary and grammar directly to prevent bad habits that ruin your whole Korean language. Remember that listening, reading and writing can also be attained at the same time only if you can form sentences yourself. 2. SUBJECT[NOUN] 3. BRIDGE[DETAILS] 4. ENDING[ONE WORD - 다 + ONE GRAMMAR]
좋은 추억을 _____to make a good memory 스펙을 _____to build up one's credentials (univeristy, certificate, etc) 담을 _____to build a wall 경험을 _____to gain experience
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