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Yesterday I saw the first five episodes of “Making the cut”, an American reality TV series created by the model Heidi Klum. The series is about a fashion designer competition, therefore I leant a lot of new words related with the fashion world, and some American’s idioms. Moreover I was impressed by all the stunning garments presented by the designers. They made them very quickly, almost overnight, glueing staffs, cutting and drawing prints with just the tailor’s help. They were very good on handling the stress. To win the competition they needed to stand out every single assignment, picking up hints from Paris and Japan. I do loved the avant-garfish and freaky styles of some of their outfits, they really expressed the cities to the fullest. Plus, Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and the judges were so hilarious. I like to watch it!
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Sometimes things are easier to work out than we think. I put off the appointment for renewing my daughter’s traveling permit with the administration office by quite a while. The most important reason was that I couldn’t find her birth certificate, which is a required document for the verification by administration officials to issue her new permit. I thought it must be difficult and troublesome to report the loss and get a new one. Therefore I just kept searching and procrastinating until recently when I finally decided to tackle it. It turned out not that complex at all. First, yesterday morning I went to the hospital where my daughter was born and got the certifying documents. Then, in the afternoon, I carried the all documentation to the official who issued the new birth certificate of my daughter. It virtually went pretty smoothly. Sometimes, I just worry too much while do too little.
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