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Set your New Year’s Resolution! Share the screenshot of New Year’s Resolution and write your reason for learning and how you plan to stick to your learning language goal!
Hi italkiers, Our New Year’s Resolution event has ended. Now it's time to announce our 22 grand prize winners. italki110376, Suzana, Stephanie Chen, Marta Richards, Colette, Park, Alice Pott-Negrine, Jenny Lin, Vu Trong, 李山海, calista belvedere, Elaine Lam, Rui, Diego Alencar, Electr0cuted (Tracy Lollia), Sarah, Muhammed Turde, Olivia Z., Darya Shelakhaeva, Matteo, Jayson Matlock, Anna Let’s congratulate them on winning the big prize and starting their New Year’s learning journey. Make sure to check your IMs to see if you won the 2nd or 3rd place prizes and for italkiers who didn’t win the prize this time, don’t be upset! We have many other learning activities waiting for you to explore. The italki Language Challenge will be back soon! Maybe you’ll be on our winning list next time! Your New Year’s Resolution is not just a start. You need to keep it in mind and make it your New Year’s learning direction. Let’s take more lessons to keep up your New Year’s ambition and achieve fluency fast!
15 tháng 2 năm 2022
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