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Hi guys! I'm studying to bridge the gap between B2 and C1 English level and I would like to know which mobile app you guys recommend for those who want to listen and read a book at the same time the app’s voice is speaking. I don't like Siri's or Alexa's robotic voice on Kindle and I don’t know any other app apart from Audible. I'm looking for similar apps to the Audible (have you guys tried using it?). I would like an indication of another mobile app that reads the book with a human voice in English and with the text showing on in the screen. If you are looking for such an app to learn Portuguese, my mother tongue, I’d recommend you to download the "autibooks" app. This app has a large library of books in Portuguese and the narrator has a human voice, not a mechanical one.
Jul 22, 2021 4:19 PM
The most difficult words to pronounce in Spanish for foreigners When I teach a language, pronunciation plays a super important role. Some languages that are more akin to Spanish will be easier for you to pronounce, given the similarity between the different sounds. I notice that exist a lot of words really difficult to pronounce when I offer my Spanish service for students here: some of them cost much more than others! And this is not related to the mental capacity of the student, but to Him/Her native language (try asking an English speaker to pronounce the double R). These are the 8 most difficult words to pronounce in Spanish according to the BBC: #Quehaceres #Desarrollar #Halagüeño #Sacacorchos #Ronronear #Sanguijuela #Anaranjada #Tejemaneje How do you feel when you pronounce them? did you have difficulties? let me know it!
6 hours ago
Ciao a tutti! 🇮🇹 みんなさん、こんにちは! 私はクリスです。「italki」ではイタリア語を教えていますが、 言語を学ぶのも好きです。実際、英語、フランス語、 そして少しなら日本語も話せます。一緒にイタリア語を勉強して、 学ぶ喜びを共有できたら嬉しいです(^-^) 気軽に予約してくださいねー☆ My name is Cristiano. I am a community tutor here on italki. I love learning languages. Beside Italian (I am a native speaker), I talk fluent English, intermediate French and upper elementary Japanese 🇯🇵 If you like, I will do my best to help you take your Italian skills to the next level 👍 Let's learn about Italian culture too 🙂 またね、A presto! 😄
Jul 22, 2021 10:23 AM