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★☆ Korean Words for Pharmacy #1 ★☆ ▶감기 ▷n) a cold -어제 창문을 열고 잠을 자서 감기에 걸린 것 같아요. I think I’ve caught a cold because I slept with the window open. -한국은 벌써 영하 1도까지 내려갔어요. 감기 조심하세요. South Korea already went down to minus 1 degrees Celsius. Be careful of catching a cold. ▶건강 ▷n) health (건강하다 = to be healthy) -돈보다 건강이 더 중요해요. Money is more important than health. -나이를 먹을수록 건강이 나빠지기 때문에 노인들은 병원 근처에서 살아야 한다고 한다. It’s said that the elderly should live around hospitals because their health deteriorates as they age. ▶끊다 ▷v) to quit, to give (a bad habit) -건강을 위해서 술과 담배를 끊으세요. You should quit smoking and drinking for your health. -술을 끊었더니 건강이 좋아졌어요. My health has improved because I stopped drinking. ▶넘어지다 ▷v) to fall -어제 계단에서 넘어져서 다리에 피가 났어요. My leg was bleeding yesterday because I fell down the stairs. -넘어져도 다시 일어나요. Get back up even if you fall down. ▶다치다 ▷v) to get hurt, to be injured -교통사고가 나서 많은 사람이 다쳤습니다. Many people were injured in a car accident. -이청용이라는 한국 선수는 EPL 파워랭킹 20위까지 올랐던 뛰어난 선수였는데 부상을 당하고 실력이 저하됐어요. The Korean football player Lee Chung Yong was good enough to rank 20th in the Premier League player Power Rankings, but his skills deteriorated after injury. ▶담배 ▷n) a cigarette -여기에서 담배를 피우면 안 돼요. You are not allowed to smoke here. -제가 담배를 안 피워서 담배 피우는 여자는 못 사귈 것 같아요. Only because I don’t smoke, I don’t think that I can date a woman who smokes ▶때문에 ▷adv) because of~ -감기 때문에 기침을 자주 해요. I cough a lot because of a cold. -일이 힘들기보다는 사람 때문에 스트레스받아요. I get stressed by people rather than work itself.
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