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Привет, понедельник! 📅 Last week was a busy one for the Russian language community - 225 years since the birth of Alexander Pushkin, yep, this is also a holiday. His timeless poetry still comforts in difficult moments and inspires people. Today, reading the eternal classics, I'm writing you about the eternal student problem... Time We can all postpone language learning for various reasons, but when students come to me after 100 hours, 200 hours of diligent self-study or who knows that kind of study because their results are very modest - it really makes me sad. Individual lessons are designed to help you speak in a short time. If after 50 lessons you cannot speak with some degree of mistakes, but freely at the everyday conversational level -- it is time to change something in your study routine. __________ If you plan to speak Russian well right away, check my schedule, I'm always glad to help. 🤟 *Alexander Pushkin, portrait by Orest Kiprensky ⬇️
У меня немного ... .
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This podcast has a transcription in Spanish and English so you don't waste time. Me autoproclamo una entusiasta del aprendizaje natural. I am a self-proclaimed natural learning enthusiast. Esta forma de aprender, la conocemos la mayoría de las personas, porque fue la forma en que aprendimos nuestra lengua materna pero la hemos olvidado. Most of us know this way of learning, because it was the way we learned our mother tongue but we have forgotten it. Mi nombre es Kelly, te hablo desde Medellín, Colombia y estoy aquí para ayudarte a recordar el aprendizaje natural. My name is Kelly, I'm speaking to you from Medellín, Colombia and I'm here to help you remember natural learning. En el aprendizaje natural: In natural learning: - Aprendes vocabulario de utilidad y no de manera random. You learn useful vocabulary and not in a random way. - No memorizas vocabulario, aprendes vocabulario porque lo utilizas. You don't memorize vocabulary, you learn vocabulary because you use it. - Aprendes vocabulario en contexto. You learn vocabulary in context. - Aprendes el sonido de las palabras leyendo en voz alta. You learn the sounds of words by reading aloud. - Escuchas y lees al mismo tiempo. You listen and read at the same time. - Escuchas y escribes al mismo tiempo. You listen and write at the same time. - Constantemente escuchas lo que es útil para tu vida. You constantly listen to what is useful for your life. - Acostumbras a tu boca a las nuevas palabras y lo haces libre de perfeccionismo. You get your mouth used to new words and practice free of perfectionism. - Aprendes gramática repitiendo y observando patrones de escritura, no memorizando conceptos. You learn grammar by repeating and observing writing patterns, not by memorizing concepts. Hasta el momento hablé a una velocidad lenta, voy hacerlo ahora a una velocidad normal. Until now I spoke at a slow speed, now I am going to do it at a normal speed.
¿Cómo aprendimos nuestra lengua materna?
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Привет, опять понедельник! 📅 My Conversational dacha group classes in May went well at all levels: A – beginner level, B - intermediate, C - advanced, and it will be open until autumn. Speaking of levels … The benefits of understanding your level When I worked at a language school in London (my opinion about the UK was - I don't like the weather, wait, no, I still don't like the weather), anyway, when I worked there, I noticed how many courses there are for students of all levels in one classroom. For grammar courses, such as motion verbs or pronunciation there can be a wide range of students' levels, but a conversational group for A2 up to B2, I saw there for the first time, then everywhere online and offline. Please check your level, this will help you move forward, ask your teacher to help determine your level, and avoid dubious conversational clubs at all levels at once. There is no benefit from training a professional athlete and a beginner in the same team - the same thing here. _______________ If you want to learn Russian effectively at your level, you can check my schedule, as always, I’m glad to help everyone who really wants to learn. 🤟
The most popular A2 type question Ты ... определять свой уровень?
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