Learning English vocabulary through flashcards is one of the easiest learning techniques. All you are required to sit down with your phone or tablet and these English flashcard apps will do the rest of the job. It is time to go all digital, learning through flashcard apps will save you time.

There are several benefits of using flashcards to learn English:

1.    Flashcards are portable.

You can simply take them anywhere you want without compromising your learning time. Many of these English flashcards apps can work offline and do not require you to have any connection.

2.    They make learning super fun.

Currently, many flashcard apps have the feature of achievements and trophies that make learning like a game.

3.    These apps keep a track of your learned vocabulary. In fact, these apps allow you to visit your already-learned words again to revise them.

4.    These apps remind you when you require more practice. For instance, if you find a particular word difficult, these apps will instruct you to learn that word again and again until you get it right. Flashcard apps are an excellent resource for any English learner. If you are working on improving your vocabulary, keep one of these on your phone or tablet. Improving your vocabulary words is essential to hold English conversations for beginners, so let’s get started!

Learning English vocabulary through flashcards

While flashcards are an excellent learning tool, they should not be your only method of instruction. Flashcards alone can only help you memorize a word. To be truly effective, flashcards should be used in combination with other methods of study. Let us discuss some of the effective ideas to create good flashcards:

  • Do not just mention the vocabulary word. Instead, write the entire sentence in which the word is used. It will help you understand how to use that particular word.
  • You can use the built-in audio voice that many flashcard apps offer. It will help you with the pronunciation of the word.
  • Avoid using translation. Instead, look for the word’s definition and explanation in English.
  • Use several tricks to remember the word. For instance, you can remember a particular word with a silly rhyme.

When you think you have mastered a word thanks to a flashcard, put it to use by speaking, reading, hearing, and writing it. The more you practice, the better you will understand and remember your new vocabulary words.

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Some flashcards apps to learn English

Now let’s get straight into some of the most effective flashcard apps to learn English. The price package of each app is mentioned for you to make a good comparison and to come up with the right selection.


Price: Free

Available: Android and iOS users

Memrise is a great learning app. Unlike traditional flashcards, which only display the word and its definition, this app allows users to contribute their own additions to the flashcards. Choose a course with words you want to learn, and you will see definitions as well as lots of interesting pictures, memorization tricks, and other learning aids. You will have no trouble remembering the words this way. Memrise employs a quiz-like format to assess your knowledge of a word by assessing you on it.

When you fully understand a word, you never forget it: Memrise will remind you of old words on a regular basis to ensure you haven’t forgotten them. You can read your words whenever you want, and you can even download them to view them offline. You can mark words as “challenge words,” which are the words you need more help with, and the app will test you only on your challenge words for an additional fee to help you learn them better and faster.


Price: Free trial, you can check current rates on the pricing page

Available: Android and iOS users

FluentU is a full immersion program, but its flashcard features make it a valuable tool in the toolbox of any learner. The program allows you to watch and learn English by watching authentic English videos such as great movie moments, fun music videos, amusing commercials, inspirational talks, and more. FluentU allows you to add any word from any video as a flashcard to your own decks. You can do this by searching for specific terms or by clicking on a word as the video plays.

Tiny cards by Duolingo

Price: Free

Available: iOS users

Duolingo is a popular English learning app. It employs a unique teaching method that adapts to the learning style of each user. Tiny cards is an English flashcards app developed by the same company that created Duolingo, and it employs the same teaching method, making it a powerful learning tool. Tiny cards allow you to select from pre-existing “decks” (groups of cards) or create your own using your vocabulary words. It then shows you the cards one at a time in a game-like format until you have mastered all of your words. Tiny cards also allow you to follow deck creators and share your own decks with others.

Word Power Lite (U.S.)

Price: Free

Available: iOS users

Do you want to learn the most common English words quickly? Word Power Lite puts 100 flashcards for the most frequently used English vocabulary in your pocket. Each flashcard includes an audio pronunciation by a Native American English speaker.

You will also receive images and example sentences. However, this app is also jam-packed with extra features that set it apart. You can, for example, save difficult words in a personal word bank to review later. You can use the “word of the day” feature to learn a new word every day.

To keep yourself interested, mix up the types of flashcards you receive (picture, audio, etc.).


Price: Free

Available: Android and iOS users

The Quizlet app contains more than just flashcards. The app also includes a “learn” mode with native speaker word pronunciations, a fast-paced vocabulary matching game, the ability to share your words with others, and many other features. You can use flashcard lists created by other users or create your own. After you have studied your word list and are confident, you can put your knowledge to the test with customizable quizzes. The app’s simple and smooth design means there are no distractions. There are several other interesting vocabulary words that you can learn, for example, vegetable names in English and the rules and applications of suffixes in English.

Flashcard Deluxe

Price: $3.99

Available: Android and iOS users

Despite being the most expensive app on our list, it appears to be the simplest. It does exactly what you need it to do, which makes it an excellent addition. The majority of people who try it enjoy it. This app was created by someone who was looking for a good flashcards app, and the developer is constantly updating and improving it.

There are a few more options in study mode, including the ability to test your spelling with audio. Finally, you can import a large number of flashcards from your own collection or connect to Quizlet to use any of their thousands of flashcard lists.

If you are looking for a long-term English flashcards app, this is a complete, well-developed app that is worth the price.


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