There are various intensity levels for saying goodbye in Spanish. For example, you wouldn’t say goodbye to a friend you will see again in a week as you would to a friend you won’t see again for a long time.

Words and phrases are context-dependent, so knowing several ways to say goodbye will help you sound more casual with friends and more professional in formal settings.

Learn to say goodbye in Spanish

If you know Spanish a bit, you probably hear the word adiós (ah-dee-ohs), which means goodbye. However, just because adiós is the most accurate translation of goodbye does not imply that it is the most common way to say goodbye. This guide will explore different formal and informal ways of saying goodbye in Spanish.

50+ ways to say goodbye in Spanish

In this section, we will explore some general, formal and funny ways to say goodbye in Spanish. You can choose the right word or phrase depending on the nature of your situation.

General ways to say goodbye in Spanish

Here are a few general ways to say goodbye in Spanish:

Bye byeBye bye
Goodbye, until next timeAdiós, hasta la próxima
See you soonHasta pronto
Goodbye, have a nice dayAdiós, que tengas un lindo día
Have a good nightQue tengas una linda noche
Good dayBuen día
Good eveningBuena tarde
Good eveningBuenas noches
See you laterNos vemos luego
See youNos vemos
See you aroundNos estamos viendo

Formal ways to say goodbye in Spanish

Knowing how to speak Spanish is necessary to hold conversations. When communicating with natives, it is essential to use the right phrases to avoid embarrassing situations and awkward moments.

Until laterHasta luego
I bid you farewellMe despido
Excuse meCon permiso
Have a nice dayQue tenga un buen día
Have an excellent dayExcelente día

You can also learn to say nice to meet you in Spanish, in case you are meeting someone for the first time or in a professional and formal setting.

Say goodbye formally in professional setting

Spanish slang to say goodbye

Spanish slang is one of the most enjoyable aspects of learning Spanish. You won’t want to miss the hundreds of fun and creative slang phrases from Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and beyond. Naturally, many of them include saying goodbye.

A mug broke and now everyone’s going home.Aquí se rompió una taza y todos para su casaRandom wordplay
If you have a TV, watch yourself.Si tienes tele, ahí te ves.Random wordplay
See you later, egg headHasta luego, cara de huevoRandom wordplay, most apt for children
I’m out, vampireMe las piro, vampiroRandom wordplay
Bye fishChao pescaoMore common in Caribbean and Central American countries
GoodbyeSayonaraLoan word from Japanese
Until later, babyHasta la vista, babyUsed in a sassy or cheeky way, as a reference of the movie The Terminator
ByeBaygónMosquito repellent brand
Make sure to wash itTe la lavasRandom wordplay
See you aroundAhí te vesTranslates directly into “you’ll see yourself”
LaterAl ratoLiteral translation of “in a while”
See you aroundAhí nos vidriosRandom wordplay
ByeSalúComes from word “salud,” which means health
Alright, thenÓrale, puesVery casual goodbye
We’re setAsí quedamosCommonly used after discussing important stuff
I’m leaving!¡Me largo!Snarky way to say you’re leaving immediately
ByeAburRandom slang
I’ll see you laterNos pillamos despuésMost common in Spain

Saying goodbye before bed

Understanding the Spanish language and culture is necessary to know the norms and values of locals. There are several ways to say goodbye before bedtime; knowing them can increase your chances of making some unbreakable bonds.

Good nightBuenas noches
See you tomorrowHasta mañana
See you tomorrowNos vemos mañana
Rest wellQue descanses
Sleep wellQue duermas bien
Have a lovely eveningBonita noche
Rest easyDuerme tranquilo
Sleep wellQue duermas bien
Say goodbye lovingly before bed

How to sign off in an email in Spanish

Email etiquette tends to vary between languages, and Spanish is no exception.

Yours trulyMuy atentamente
A greetingUn saludo
Cordial greetingsSaludos cordiales
Thanks a lotMuchas gracias
AffectionatelyCon cariño
HugUn abrazo
Big hugUn fuerte abrazo
I’m at your disposal for anything you may needPara cualquier cosa, quedo a su disposición
I appreciate your cooperation in advanceLe agradezco de antemano su cooperación
Thanks in advanceGracias de antemano
I look forward to hearing from youQuedo a la espera de su respuesta
We’ll be in touchEstamos en contacto
With all my appreciationTodo mi agradecimiento
Best wishesMis mejores deseos

Religious ways to say good bye in Spanish

Go with GodVaya con Dios
God bless youDios lo bendiga
God help youDios le ayude
God be with youQue Dios lo acompañe
Take the good pathVaya por el buen camino
Sweet dreamsQue sueñes con los angelitos

Some helpful verbs to say goodbye in Spanish


Well! These were different ways to say goodbye in Spanish. Try new ways to say goodbye every day so that your Spanish vocabulary grows gradually. Remember that the more Spanish conversations you have, the more opportunities you will have to practice various ways to say goodbye in Spanish!

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Frequently asked questions

How do you say “goodbye” in Spanish?

The most common way to say “goodbye” in Spanish is “adiós.”

Are there informal ways to say goodbye in Spanish?

Yes, there are informal ways to say goodbye in Spanish, depending on the familiarity with the person. Some informal expressions include “hasta luego” (see you later), “nos vemos” (we’ll see each other), or “chao” (used in some Spanish-speaking regions).

Are there regional variations in how goodbye is expressed in Spanish?

Yes, there are regional variations in how people say goodbye in Spanish. For example, in some Latin American countries, you might hear variations like “nos vemos” or “hasta pronto.” Knowing the specific expressions used in the region you are in or communicating with is always a good idea.


In this guide, we have explored 50+ ways to say goodbye in Spanish. Choosing the right greeting is essential based on the nature of your situation. Choosing the wrong phrase can make the situation awkward and embarrassing.

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