Research shows that at least 1.27 billion people speak English as their native or second language making English the most popular language globally. English is not hard to learn, if you have the right teacher.

Why Learning English appears hard?

Several reasons explain why people think learning English is challenging. First, English grammar appears complex for non-native speakers. Also, English learners have challenges with the sounding of the words. Numerous words sound similar, but the meanings are different such as: right/write, or bad/bud. Another challenge is the difference of American and UK English. Most of the British colonies speak UK English. The two types have different pronunciation and spelling of words. For example, in the US, they write “favor,” while in the UK, they spell it “favour.” These are only a few reasons why people find it challenging to learn English.

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But with the help of a good English teacher, learning English is easy, enjoyable, and straightforward.

Why learning English is simple?

Today, with the help of the Internet, you can find an English teacher online and start your class from the comfort of your couch. Several online platforms offer these services.

Also, online educators are available in large numbers making it easier to find an English teacher or tutor online than in-person.

Taking lessons online also gives you a chance to study at your most convenient time and place. You can connect with your teacher online and from anywhere. Unlike attending a class, you will find it easy to do your online studies without disrupting your usual daily schedules. The beauty of the internet is the idea that you can hire a native English teacher even if you are not located in a native English-speaking country. That allows you to enjoy a quality learning experience. However, you’ll come across lots of con platforms when finding an English teacher online.

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