Everyone enjoys good music. You can also use this universal love to learn Spanish through songs. This guide will explore some popular Spanish songs that every learner must listen to. So, let’s jump in!

Listen Spanish songs

Popular Spanish pop songs

1.    “No”  by Shakira

Shakira’s “No” is slow and steady, and it expresses her heartbreaking reasons for refusing to be with someone who constantly causes her pain. She claims that no one can bear the bitterness of this relationship, and she resents the fact that her lover can still hurt her even after he has left.

The words are straightforward and effective, making extensive use of the Spanish informal command form. There are also a few interesting expressions and phrases, so make sure to read the lyrics carefully.

2.    “Me voy” (I’m Leaving) by Julieta Venegas

This song tells the story of a woman who leaves her lover and is forced to say goodbye despite her desire not to. The lyrics use common Spanish words and a slow, easy beat, making it ideal for Spanish learners.

Most of the song is in the present tense, with a few more complicated forms, such as the subjunctive. Keep an ear out for common phrases like “que lástima,” which roughly translates as “what a shame.”

3.    “Vivir mi vida” (Live My Life) by Marc Anthony

The question in this song is, “Why cry?” Life is full of ups and downs, but excitement is abundant, and all we can do is live our lives. Marc Anthony provides an upbeat song that you will find difficult to resist dancing to.

Laugh, dance, shout, enjoy, and be present! This song reminds us that the present moment is all we have, so make the most of it. In this song, you might notice a colloquialism, “Pa’ qué?” (“For what?”) is a shortening of para qué and an excellent introduction to Spanish slang.

Understand song story

4.    “Historia del taxista” (Story of the Taxi Driver) by Ricardo Arjona

This song tells the story of a taxi driver who picks up a crying woman on the side of the road and how the chance encounter becomes something more. Despite their social class differences, the two share their life stories, and something clicks.

Listening to the song is almost like hearing an entire story, complete with its own twist ending. The lyrics contain dialogue, descriptive language, and very little repetition, making it ideal for advanced intermediate learners.

5.    “Todos me miran” (Everyone Looks at Me) by Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi’s passion is noticeable through the music she has created, from breaking free from her inattentive partner to becoming the queen of the city in an evening. This song is an excellent way to practice the past tense. The lyrics are repeated frequently so that you won’t get lost.

It is highly recommended to try multiple learning strategies to master this beautiful language. Trying multiple strategies will allow you to explore the best ones for you. You can also learn Spanish in the car while driving. It is a great method to expand vocabulary, sentence structuring, and fluency.

Popular Spanish reggaeton songs

6.     “Despacito” (Slowly) by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

When this song was released, it dominated the charts in 47 countries! Unbelievable, right?  Whether you missed the craze or have the song stuck in your head after reading the title, this is a fun way to learn Spanish.

The hit song may be about moving “slowly,” but Daddy Yankee’s rap section moves at a breakneck pace. If you are having trouble keeping up, read the lyrics aloud a few times, getting faster each time. You can then try singing along with that section. Repeat a few times, and you will soon be rapping confidently.

Dance at Spanish songs

7.    “Mía” (Mine) by Bad Bunny and Drake

This love song is told from the male perspective and implores the lover’s object of affection to declare that she is his. It is simple and to the point: He loves her; she should acknowledge it and tell the world.

It is a fact that a tortured love song is always enjoyable to listen to. And because the lyrics are as straightforward as the message, this is an excellent choice for improving your public speaking skills and expanding your conversational vocabulary.

8.    “Keii” by Anuel AA

This song by Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA sounds almost like vocal theatre. The story is full of love, longing, character development, and a charming rhythm that cradles the lyrics.

Repeatedly mentioning other singers and songs provides repetition, which is an excellent way for Spanish students to practice pronunciation. Sing along to get in some extra speaking practice.

This supernatural love story’s lyrics read like poetry. Listeners may look over their shoulders as they sing this one because the entertainer portrays Dracula well.

Popular Spanish rap and hip-hop songs

9.    “Con calma” (With Calm) by Daddy Yankee

This dance song features a stunning woman who dances like a dream. The song is so catchy that it quickly becomes an earworm, and you may find yourself singing it without even realizing it.

The chorus is extremely simple, making this an excellent choice for those who are just beginning to learn advanced Spanish. This video’s entertainment value is off the charts. The dance moves are smooth, the presentation is amusing, and the lyrics are shown with English subtitles.

10. “Loco contigo” (Crazy with You) by DJ Snake, J. Balvin and Tyga

The video has fast action, wild sets, and crazy costumes. The guys sing about how crazy they are for a woman, with all the sincerity one can muster while riding in a vintage pink convertible through the desert past giant snails.

The simple lyrics and basic vocabulary will appeal to Spanish learners, but it will be difficult to pick up all the words at full speed. This is a fun way to learn conversational Spanish.

Repeat Spanish lyrics

11. “Lástima” (Pity) by Neutro Shorty

“Lástima” is a song that describes the difficulties that many people in Latin America face. From a lack of money to the dangerous streets of the continent’s most dangerous barrios (neighborhoods), Neutro Shorty knows how to depict the society he lives in.

Neutro Shorty is an artist you should follow if you want to learn more about the reality that many South and Central Americans live today. He has been described as Latin urban by some and a Caribbean gangster by others.

The song may appear difficult to master due to its few repetitions and fast pace, but Shorty’s pronunciation is good enough that you can follow along by reading the lyrics. It can also be used to learn slang words like joseo (drug theft) and blones (blunts).

Listening to popular Spanish songs is an effective strategy to learn Spanish words, slang, and pronunciation. You can keep a Spanish translator app to find the meanings of words and phrases you don’t understand while reading, writing, or holding a conversation. If you want to seek professional guidance, check out italki to get the best tutoring services worldwide through online mediums.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular genre of Spanish music?

Reggaeton is currently one of the most popular genres of Spanish music, characterized by its rhythmic beats and catchy melodies. However, Spain has a rich musical heritage that includes flamenco, pop, and more.

Are there famous collaborations between Spanish and international artists?

Yes, collaborations between Spanish and international artists are common. Examples include Shakira collaborating with Beyoncé on “Beautiful Liar” and Rosalía teaming up with artists like Travis Scott.

How has Spanish music influenced global pop culture?

Spanish music, especially reggaeton, and Latin pop, has significantly influenced global pop culture, shaping trends in dance, fashion, and even language. The genre’s infectious beats have become a staple in clubs worldwide.

Can you recommend some Spanish songs for dancing?

Dance-worthy Spanish songs include “Dákiti” by Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez, “Vivir Mi Vida” by Marc Anthony, and “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” by Shakira.


Taking up music as one of your learning strategies is great for moving forward in your learning journey without getting bored. Listen to the popular Spanish songs mentioned throughout the guide to improve your Spanish speaking skills.

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