What’s the best way to learn Spanish in a year?

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution to learn Spanish? And then you realize that the year is almost over, yet you have not mastered this language? Are you still looking for the best way to learn Spanish? Luckily, there are a few ways to learn.

You can learn Spanish the traditional way by attending in-person classes or online, given you have the right means and materials. In this case, suitable materials are study books, online tutors, relevant apps and websites, podcasts, and many more. Thanks to the Internet, you no longer need to travel miles away just to attend a Spanish class or to meet with your teacher. You can do it from the comfort of your home and you can be your own Spanish teacher!

Below we have listed some of the best ways to learn Spanish online in a year or less.

Get a Spanish tutor

The fastest way to master the language is with the help of a personal online language teacher or a tutor. Ideally, you need a Spanish tutor who teaches in Spanish and not in English or any other language. Though you would not understand all terms, you would quickly be able to master new words and your pronunciation would improve.

Find Your Perfect Teacher

At italki, you can find your Spanish tutor from all qualified and experienced teachers. Now experience the excellent language learning journey!

Book a trial lesson

The fact is, an online tutor would help you achieve your goals faster than regular classroom Spanish courses. Again by using an online Spanish tutor, you would learn at your pace, contrary to a classroom where your progress is subjected to the language level of the other students you are learning with. On you can find a Spanish tutor of your choice and according to your needs. And remember, very often the best Spanish tutor is one who is a native Spanish speaker.

Make use of language exchange

You no longer need to be somewhere physically to make friends. Through social platforms like Skype, Facebook, and Instagram, you can make friends from all over the world. You can also easily look for a language exchange partner or a language pen pal. Once you’ve connected with one or several Spanish speakers online, all you need to do is to ask them to always speak and write with you in Spanish.

You can also find a Spanish teacher through social media. There are many Facebook and Reddit groups for teaching and language exchange in Spanish.

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts recorded in Spanish have proven to be effective in learning Spanish or any other language. The good thing is that by listening to podcasts you get to learn Spanish while you go on with daily activities and run your daily errands. The time you spend walking, driving, or cleaning should be fully utilized by listening to a Spanish podcast.

Start writing in Spanish

Do you need more ideas to speed up your Spanish learning? Start scribbling down words, sentences, or stories in Spanish. Or even better, start keeping a diary in Spanish. You may not know how to write many words from the start, but practice makes perfect. Keeping up a diary or writing daily notes can be a great way to learn Spanish faster.

With all this in mind, you no longer need to keep postponing learning Spanish. The time is now. Book a trial class on and make your resolutions come true. For as low as $10 per hour, gives you an opportunity to take one-on-one private classes with Spanish tutors and native speakers from all over the world who will bring out the best in you.

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