Spanish is an excellent choice if you want to learn a second language. It sounds musical to the ear, is the world’s second most widely spoken language and English speakers find it easier to learn than other languages. The origin of the Spanish language is also quite fascinating, urging people to learn it.

Explore the best online Spanish classes

Online Spanish classes are now a better option for many people than traditional language schools due to their convenience, flexibility, and affordability. This article presents our picks for the best online Spanish classes in 2024.

5 top online Spanish classes

With so many ways to learn Spanish online, selecting a course or class that meets your requirements, budget, and learning style is critical. We’ve compiled an up-to-date list of high-quality Spanish courses and classes and their areas of expertise.

1.  italki

This online language-learning platform is ideal for achieving fluency in Spanish. italki stands out for various reasons:

Customized lesson plans: Learning Spanish online is much easier when lesson plans are designed to meet specific learning objectives and requirements. italki provides personalized learning sessions to help you learn Spanish online. These sessions will help you create learning objectives and goals.

Experienced Spanish tutors: Most italki tutors are native speakers. Depending on your preferred learning schedule and budget, you can choose the best Spanish tutor online from a pool of experienced and professional teachers. These teachers will develop personalized learning plans tailored to your specific requirements.

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At italki, you can find your Spanish tutor from all qualified and experienced teachers. Now experience the excellent language learning journey!

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Schedule flexibility: Learning Spanish at your own pace and on time is ideal for all students. This fantastic platform understands people’s hectic schedules and strives for maximum flexibility.

Interactive learning methods: When you book lessons with italki, you fully engage with your conversational Spanish tutor. The conversational learning style makes learning more exciting and enjoyable.

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The enrollment process at italki

The enrollment process at italki is quite simple. Go to italki. Fill out your profile with all of the relevant information. To find a Spanish teacher, click the ‘Find a teacher’ button and use the Spanish teacher filter. Select the teacher who best meets your learning objectives and requirements. Schedule your lessons.

Consider adhering to your Spanish tutor’s additional materials, exercises, and scenario-based content. Accept constructive criticism and work on improving your weak areas.

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2.  Preply

Preply is a database of online tutors fluent in dozens of languages; you can filter the list to find the best Spanish tutor for your needs. Categories include when they are available to teach, whether they are native speakers, the type of Spanish they teach (Latin American or European), and, most importantly, how much they charge for lessons.

You can even see what other languages the tutor speaks, so if you need more confidence in your Spanish, you can also find someone who speaks English.

Lessons start around $5 per hour and are one-on-one, making them far superior to sitting in a classroom with a dozen other students, sharing your tutor’s attention.


3.  BaseLang

BaseLang is a good choice for those looking to learn as much Spanish as possible in a short time. They provide unlimited Spanish lessons via video chat for $149 per month. It costs a lot of money upfront, but if you commit to taking three or four lessons per week, each one is relatively inexpensive.

BaseLang also provides a “grammarless” study option, which allows you to learn Spanish “as a child does” without memorizing conjugation charts. It’s an excellent option for those with the time to take advantage of the “unlimited lessons” offer, such as university students on vacation or retirees.

However, learners should be wary of the all-you-can-eat buffet effect, which occurs when you have paid the set price but are no longer hungry. Unless you thrive under pressure, using a service that allows you to purchase online lessons one at a time and complete them at your own pace may be more cost-effective.


4.  News in Slow Spanish

News in Slow Spanish is a podcast-based course that does exactly what it says: it’s a slow-paced intermediate Spanish audio show about world news. It’s ideal for those tired of working through structured syllabuses that always begin with the same topics.

It’s much easier to follow a news program in Spanish than you think because you already know what topics are making headlines and can listen to them. Furthermore, if you already listen to the news, this will effortlessly integrate into your current routine. New podcasts are added almost daily, so you’ll always find something relevant.

News in slow Spanish

5.  Chatterbug

Not sure whether to take Skype lessons or invest in an online course to complete independently? Chatterbug is an excellent option for those seeking both. You can purchase self-study Spanish materials, and there are also live video-chat lessons with online tutors.

The pricing is relatively flexible. The more live lessons you want, the higher the cost. The “Lite” package, which includes one live lesson per month and unlimited access to online content, costs $20. Their most popular “Serious” package is $140 per month and includes eight live lessons, with the option to purchase more. However, if you have a lot of free time, it offers an “Ultimate” subscription for $400, which includes 31 tutor-led classes per month.

Some reviewers complain about errors in the self-study materials, but it’s undeniably good value at $20 per month. Learners find that live lessons are the most effective because they allow them to discuss real-life problems with a fluent speaker. These lessons cost around $18 for a 45-minute 1-on-1 Skype chat.


You will find plenty of other online Spanish as well. However, choosing the one that meets your requirements, such as preferred tutor, expected budget, desired schedule, etc, is essential. Many people want to learn Spanish for professional purposes. If you are heading to Spain for employment, we recommend you understand Spanish work culture. From preferred working hours to central work norms, understanding Spanish work culture will help you get along with the locals well.

Frequently asked questions

What level of Spanish learners do online Spanish classes cater to?

They cater to all levels of Spanish learners, from absolute beginners to advanced speakers. The classes are tailored to your proficiency level, ensuring you receive instruction suitable for your needs.

What learning materials are provided in the online classes?

Online Spanish classes provide a variety of learning materials, including textbooks, online resources, interactive exercises, and multimedia content. These resources are carefully curated to support your learning journey and reinforce critical concepts.

How do I track my progress in the online Spanish classes?

Online Spanish classes offer regular assessments, quizzes, and progress reports to track your advancement in the language. Additionally, the instructors provide personalized feedback and guidance to help you identify areas for improvement and set goals for your learning journey.


Online Spanish classes offer a convenient and effective way to learn and master the Spanish language. With experienced native instructors, personalized learning approaches, and flexible scheduling options, students can tailor their learning experience to fit their needs and goals.

If you want to learn Spanish in a month, we strongly advise you to explore italki and find the best Spanish tutor online. Most of these tutors are native speakers with years of experience. Visit the website to find the best tutor according to your learning requirements.

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