If you are a Spanish learner, you have already gone through long lists of vocabulary words. Everyone knows that doing raw memorization is pretty tiring. So, if you are going through the same situation, you need to shift your focus to Spanish flashcard apps. If you choose wisely, the right Spanish flashcard apps will make learning simple and enjoyable.

Learn Spanish through flashcard

In this guide, we will highlight some of the best Spanish flashcard apps, so choose the one that captures your interest and fits your learning needs. Let’s jump in!

The best Spanish flashcard apps

1. ReWord

Source: Android | iOS

ReWord has a well-organized flashcard library with over 5,000 Spanish words and automatic translations when creating your own flashcards. Are you going to Spain in a few weeks and need to learn the most important Spanish words and phrases? You have found the right Spanish flashcard app!

Learn Spanish with Flashcards is an excellent place to begin your Spanish learning journey, whether you intend to continue studying Spanish afterward or simply need a quick fix before going on vacation.

With this app, you can learn plenty of basic words and expressions that native speakers use, and they come in flashcards organized by theme. The variety of topics available to you is truly astounding.

There are numerous topics from which to choose. It is even more useful because it includes both words and expressions and audio pronunciations for them. You can also save your favorite flashcards for later use. This app is simple to use and the ideal flashcard tool for those on the go.


2. Brainscape

Source: Android | iOS

Brainscape is a flashcard app with a science-backed curriculum that covers both Spanish grammar and vocabulary. 

This massively popular learning app isn’t specifically a Spanish learning app, but it does include a massive library of Spanish learning flashcards to help you master massive vocabulary. They claim that you will “learn four years’ worth of Spanish” with their flashcard system; undoubtedly, this is a big claim.

The flashcards emphasize learning useful phrases rather than specific vocabulary. However, you can also create your own flashcard decks to study whatever you want, making this an extremely versatile app.

The app also employs a spaced repetition method to provide language retention with the love and attention it requires to develop into fluency. You can monitor your progress and set your own objectives. The data and flashcards are all color-coded and presented in an easy-to-use interface. The app is definitely pleasing to the eyes.

If you are learning Spanish for business purposes, mastering business Spanish words is also necessary to hold conversations in the business setting. With massive data available online, learning Spanish is not as difficult as it was a few years ago.


3. MosaLingua Learn Spanish

Source: Android | iOS

Through pre-loaded flashcards, MosaLingua allows you to practice your vocabulary, writing, and speaking skills. It is a flashcard app that includes audio and dialogues you can learn at your own pace.

With the web version, you can access an online library of selected content such as e-books, videos, and more. You can use a special translation tool to browse this content and get definitions for words and phrases you come across. After that, you can finish the learning cycle by easily adding vocabulary from the content to your flashcards for later review, ensuring it stays in your memory.

Furthermore, the MosaDiscovery feature allows you to add any word you come across while surfing the web to your flashcard deck. MosaLingua is free with the option to upgrade and a paid web version that can be used to supplement the mobile versions.


4. Learn Spanish Vocabulary Words

Source: Android

Learn Spanish Vocabulary Words teaches the top 3,500 Spanish words through flashcards and games. This flashcard app is ideal for a beginner looking to establish a solid foundation in Spanish vocabulary—it delivers.

This straightforward flashcard app has a few interesting extras like vocab games and progress tracking. It encourages you to make learning five new words a day a habit. The flashcards are typically focused on high-use Spanish vocabulary, making this an excellent choice for a learner looking to nail some of the fundamentals.

The user interface is extremely clean, and the flashcards include a small image to help you become acquainted with some of the more difficult vocabulary. When you ‘flip’ the flashcard to reveal the definition, you will see the focus word in a simple sentence as well as audio to practice your pronunciation.

It is not the most advanced flashcard app, but it will get the job done and is good to have on hand.

Learn Spanish vocabulary

5. Flashcard Machine

Source: Android | iOS

Flashcard Machine has a large library of Spanish flashcards; you can share them with others and even collaborate on editing. With over 122 million flashcards, Flashcard Machine is a giant app. Thousands of them have been created by other users who were or are learning Spanish. You will need months to complete all of the Spanish topics available.

You can use Flashcard Machine to make your own flashcards and study sessions. It employs a system that mimics human behavior, categorizing flashcards as correct, incorrect, or flagged. When creating a new study session, the app will remember your previous performance, and you can also create your own sessions if you wish.

You can even tag and share your flashcards with Flashcard Machine, making it an ideal tool for study groups or group Spanish lessons.

Flashcard Machine

Learning through Spanish flashcard apps is fun. These apps are mostly colorful and eye-catching. But, learning solely through flashcards is difficult and tiresome at the same time. If you want to become a fluent Spanish speaker, you need a professional tutor to meet your goals.

Learn Spanish with italki

If you are in the process of finding a good Spanish tutor, we strongly recommend you explore italki. This online platform is best for learning Spanish online in the comfort of your home. You only need to create your profile and find the best tutor based on your requirements.

The amazing features of italki make it unique from the rest of language learning mediums.


Easy enrollment: The enrollment process is super easy. You can book your lessons with just a few clicks.

Flexible learning schedule: This online learning medium is known for its flexibility. The learner has the freedom to choose the desired learning timing.

Native tutors: A long list of Spanish teachers is available at italki. The learner can choose the tutor that aligns with his/her learning needs.

Conversational sessions: All the sessions at italki are based on conversational mode. Under the supervision of a conversational Spanish teacher, learners can customize the lesson plan, meeting all their learning needs.

Find Your Perfect Teacher

At italki, you can find your Spanish tutor from all qualified and experienced teachers. Now experience the excellent language learning journey!

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Additional learning material: The tutors at italki provide additional learning material, practice exercises, and quizzes that help the learner track his/her progress level.

How do I get enrolled with italki?

  • Visit italki            
  • Create your profile       
  • Fill in all the required information          
  • Go to the ‘find the teacher’ section           
  • Apply the filter to find a Spanish teacher     
  • Choose the teacher that meets your requirement           
  • Book a trial lesson at a reduced price to assess the learning method          
  • Follow the tutor’s guidelines    
  • Seek feedback      
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you be specific while using flashcard apps?

A. Don’t overload your cards with information. You only need one word and a sample sentence on each side of a Spanish vocabulary deck.

Q. What is spaced repetition?

A. Spaced repetition is a learning method that ensures you don’t forget what you’re learning by repeating it at regular intervals. With spaced repetition, you gradually reduce the number of times you review a flashcard.

Q. What is the importance of reading aloud when learning through flashcards?

A. When studying a flashcard, read it aloud. This will assist you in improving your pronunciation and remembering words and concepts.


Using Spanish flashcard apps to learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar rules is one of the most engaging strategies, but you must choose the right one that fits you and your learning needs. You need to be clear with the contextual use of Spanish words to avoid any awkward situation. For instance, you also need to be clear about Spanish curse words to avoid undesirable circumstances.  

Explore italki to find the best Spanish tutor. Embrace your learning journey with the best resources available!

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