While it is unlikely that you will learn Spanish from scratch in your sleep, you may be able to retain vocabulary better if you study it traditionally and then reinforce it with sleep learning. This article will look into key resources to help you learn Spanish while sleeping. But before that, we need to establish how you can learn Spanish while you sleep. 

Spanish while sleeping

How do you learn Spanish while sleeping?

Evidence suggests that you can learn Spanish (or any language) while sleeping. Learning while sleeping, also known as hypnopaedia in the research world, is becoming increasingly popular. After a long period of silence, scientists are reconsidering the possibilities for sleep learning.

Some new research studies suggest that we can learn while we sleep, though it is important to note that numerous other studies refute this method, as well as some claiming that learning while sleeping degrades overall sleep quality.

A study from Switzerland University suggests that people are able to learn new words during deep levels of sleep. So, being a Spanish learner, you should try this learning strategy to see if it works for you. Now, look at online resources to help you learn Spanish while sleeping.

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Key resources to learn Spanish while sleeping

If you are a Spanish learner and want to master the Spanish vocabulary even while sleeping, the following online resources can help you achieve your goal to a great extent. These resources can help you broaden your vocabulary and its retention, provided you are not at a beginner level.

1. Learn While You Sleep

Source: YouTube

One of the fastest ways to learn Spanish is to look for the resources available online. In this era of massive technological advancements, mastering a new language is not as tough as it used to be in the past.

Learn While You Sleep is devoted to assisting you in learning Spanish. They provide Spanish flashcards as well as some useful sleep-learning videos focusing on common words and phrases.

Sleep learning videos are classified into two types:

– The first type is from a CD and includes word and phrase captioning. This is a useful tool for reviewing the video before going to bed. The speakers repeat the word or phrase in English and Spanish. Between the words and phrases, soothing music plays.

– In the second type, the words and phrases are very spaced out. Each video has an audio background, and the majority of them are available with either thunderstorms or some sort of noise. You will hear more background noises than actual Spanish, but this is a good option for people who sleep to background noise and want to reinforce a few common Spanish words or phrases. 

2. Vocabuflash

Source: YouTube

While Vocabuflash is not intended to be used while sleeping, it is an excellent choice for sleep listening. In general, Vocabuflash aims to assist Spanish speakers in learning English and English speakers in learning Spanish. Vocabuflash’s Spanish vocabulary playlist is ideal for sleep listening.

Their vocabulary videos are thematic, so you can easily select which sets of vocabulary to work on. The audio is only in Spanish, but the videos show both Spanish and English words written out. As a result, you should practice the words ahead of time to make your sleep listening session more effective.

3. SpanishPod101

Source: YouTube

The format of SpanishPod101’s “200 words while sleeping” video is similar to the others. It is about four and a half hours long, so it is good to put on before bed, but it will be over before you wake up, so you will have some uninterrupted sleep time as well.

The format of the video is as follows: a man reads each word in English over a background of relaxing music, followed by a woman reading the Spanish equivalent. Another amazing way is to learn Spanish while driving, sounds interesting, right? Plenty of podcasts available online can help you master Spanish words, pronunciation, and their usage while heading home from your office. Take advantage of every single resource if you want to become a fluent Spanish speaker.

4. Learn Spanish World

Source: YouTube

In Learn Spanish World’s sleep learning video, useful ready-made phrases like cuenta conmigo (count on me), en serio? (Seriously?) And voy en camino (I am on my way) are highlighted first. The video then moves on to common words, repeating them in a soft and relaxing tone after the English versions.

The background music in this video is a soft rain sound, which is enjoyed by every learner while falling asleep.

Learn Spanish 2

5. Learn Spanish: Sleep Learning System

Source: iOS app

It is an amazing app developed by a certified hypnotist. This app aims to allow learners to master Spanish via “guided meditation.” It helps learners open their minds and its language center. Although it doesn’t contain the actual Spanish, it can act as a motivation for many learners.

Since this app doesn’t teach Spanish words, you may find it less helpful than some other videos. But as a relaxing bedtime app, it was very calming and soothing. You can use it every day for a week to develop your pace of learning Spanish while sleeping.

6. Master Subliminal

Source: YouTube

Master Subliminal focuses on subliminal learning and compromises topics like positive affirmations, times tables, Italian vocabulary, and Spanish vocabulary.

Apart from these, it also offers several videos covering Spanish verbs and their conjugations. The speaker introduces words and phrases in Spanish before translating them into English.

You can use these six different resources to learn Spanish while you sleep. But, if you are a beginner aspiring to start your Spanish learning journey right from scratch, we recommend you take online classes instead of using these resources.

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Learn Spanish with italki

If you are a beginner who wants to master the Spanish language without compromising your daily routine tasks, italki proves to be the best learning platform for you. This platform has some exceptional features that allow every learner to master his/her desired language in the comfort of their home.

Key features of italki

Tailored learning sessions: Learning Spanish becomes super easy when you have tailored lesson plans that meet learning objectives and requirements. With italki, you can learn Spanish via personalized learning sessions. These sessions will help you sort out your learning goals and objectives.

Experienced Spanish tutors:  Most of the tutors associated with italki are native speakers. You can select a Spanish teacher online from the list of experienced and professional teachers based on your desired learning schedule and budget. All these teachers will provide you with customized learning plans that meet your requirements. 

Flexible learning schedules: What’s better than learning Spanish at your own desired pace and time? This unique platform understands people’s busy schedules and provides you with as much flexibility as possible.

Conversational learning formats: With italki, you will fully engage with the conversational Spanish tutors. The conversational learning style makes the learning process engaging and lighter at the same time. You will be provided with the liberty to choose the learning format that fits your learning objectives and goals.

Find Your Perfect Teacher

At italki, you can find your Spanish tutor from all qualified and experienced teachers. Now experience the excellent language learning journey!

Book a trial lesson

Process of booking lessons with italki

The process of booking lessons with italki is extremely easy. Follow the following steps to book your lesson plan with italki:

1. Create your profile on italki. Fill out all the required details about your preferred learning style, objectives, and goals.

2. Look for the Spanish tutors available on italki’s website. Explore their profiles to select the one that fits your requirements.

3. Book a trial lesson to assess their learning approach. You can book the trial lesson at a reduced price to analyze the overall learning experience.

4. Define your goals for learning Spanish. Once you set your goals, develop a learning schedule with the consultation of your selected Spanish tutor. We recommend you to select a regular session to build a consistent learning routine.  

5. Practice Spanish with your teacher. Gain the fluency by engaging in real-life scenarios.

6. Take advantage of all the additional learning resources. The practice exercises, textbooks, and recommended videos act as great tools to master Spanish within a short period.

7. Take the tutor’s feedback. Analyze your mistakes and look for ways to improve your speech and writing.

8. Track your progress. It is essential to maintain the motivation required to master a second language.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What are the best Spanish audio lessons to take while sleeping?

A. With the Learn Spanish While Sleeping Audiobook, you can effortlessly learn over 430 Spanish words and phrases in your sleep.

Q. How can you learn while you’re sleeping?

A. Recent research shows that sleep learning is possible, but it always results in memory traces that are consciously inaccessible in the awake state. As a result, sleep learning is likely to have implicit but not explicit influences on awake behavior.

Q. Is it possible to learn Spanish by listening?

A. Exposure is the key to successfully learning a language. You must listen to as much Spanish as possible to be a good speaker.


Research has shown that it is possible to learn Spanish while you sleep. Embrace your ability to learn Spanish words while sleeping with the helpful resources mentioned in this guide. If you are looking for an online learning platform, booking Spanish lessons with italki can be your best choice. Open the door to endless learning opportunities by choosing an experienced native Spanish tutor from italki.

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