If you want to learn Spanish but need help knowing where to begin, look into free online Spanish lessons.

Learning Spanish allows you to communicate more effectively with Spanish speakers within and outside the United States. Building your Spanish language skills allows you to broaden your horizons and travel, live, and work in various countries worldwide.

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Five free Spanish lessons to explore

Free Spanish lessons teach you new Spanish vocabulary and train your ear to hear Spanish. Check out these five excellent learning resources:


Loecsen’s free Spanish lessons are ideal for beginners. They cover approximately 20 topics, making it ideal to learn Spanish. They teach phrases that are easy to remember. This is an excellent choice for Spanish courses with audio to help you improve your listening skills.

Every topic has vocabulary read by a native Spanish speaker and exciting illustrations for new words. You enter the website, select an interesting topic, and begin learning immediately.


Future Learn

Future Learn is another free Spanish online course ideal for those without Spanish skills. It requires you to create a free account. They regularly add new courses. The site also includes intermediate content to help you expand your Spanish vocabulary.

Palma Mackenzie runs this course and has taught Spanish for over 14 years. The beginner course takes approximately four weeks to complete.

Future Learn

The courses are free, but an optional certificate of achievement costs $59. In the course, you will learn to greet others, discuss your career, where you are from, and other helpful information. You can also explore various TV shows to learn Spanish. It is an exciting and engaging way to expand language knowledge and skills.


StudySpanish.com is a language-learning website that provides free classes in Spanish pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, verb tenses, travel tips, word of the day, and more. Their free online Spanish lessons are divided into three levels. Their audio lessons include a transcript to help you train your ear for the rhythm of Spanish.


They also include cultural notes, verb drills, and audio support, which is ideal if you are new to the language. They provide one-on-one lessons and a free seven-day trial. Knowing the Spanish language and culture can help you immerse yourself in your learning journey. Looking for ways to gain Spanish cultural insights can guide you to reach the desired learning outcome.


Memrise is one of the most popular free Spanish learning platforms available online. This course is intended for those who have previously studied Spanish but have yet to keep up with the language. It utilizes flashcards and repetition to assist students in developing a strong vocabulary.

The site’s user-friendly platform includes useful phrases selected by native speakers, videos, and memory techniques. Memrise is one of many resources for learning Spanish. It provides high-quality free material. They offer a premium course for $59 annually, but the free content is sufficient to start.


Language Transfer

Language Transfer is a free language-learning website for beginners who want to learn how Spanish works. They have 90 audio lessons that last approximately 10 minutes each. The topics covered are vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

During the Spanish audio lessons, the teacher narrates the content and explains the language in detail. It is not a traditional method, but it provides in-depth Spanish explanations. If you are an auditory learner, this is ideal for you.

Language Transfer

These are the five best free Spanish lessons available online, but nothing can beat the effectiveness of hiring a conversational Spanish tutor. Interacting with an experienced Spanish tutor can help in knowledge acquisition and gain the confidence required to speak Spanish publically.

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  4. The platform connects conversational Spanish tutors who use interactive practices to help students learn in real-world scenarios.

The learner is given additional reading material, exciting and engaging topics such as knowing family members in Spanish, several exercises, and quizzes to help them track their progress. For example, you will learn about various apps for learning Spanish and how to use them to improve your Spanish-speaking skills.

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The enrollment process at italki

  • Go to the website.
  • Make your profile.
  • Enter information about your preferred learning style, schedule, mode, etc.
  • Look for Spanish tutors: Go to the ‘Find a Teacher’ section and search for Spanish tutors. Review their profiles (including their experience, reviews, and teaching styles).
  • Select your preferred tutor. To experience the quality of their learning sessions, you can book a trial session at a reduced price.
  • Establish your learning objectives in consultation with your tutor. Schedule regular lessons.
  • Participate in conversational practices and read the instructor-provided material to improve your language skills.
  • Listen to the instructor’s feedback and keep track of your learning progress.

Frequently asked questions

Can I learn Spanish effectively for free?

Yes, you can learn basic to intermediate Spanish effectively with free resources. However, consider paid courses or classes for more advanced or specialized learning.

Do I need to buy textbooks for learning Spanish?

No, it’s not necessary. Many online platforms provide free lessons, exercises, and interactive content. However, you can find free e-books or PDFs online if you prefer using textbooks.

How much time should I dedicate to free Spanish lessons daily?

The amount of time depends on your schedule, but consistency is key. Dedicating 15-30 minutes daily can yield good results over time.


Free Spanish lessons provide an accessible way for individuals to embark on their language-learning journey without financial investment. With the abundance of online platforms, apps, and resources available, aspiring Spanish learners can access lessons, practice materials, and interactive exercises at no cost.

To get additional benefits, explore italki, as it is the best online platform offering incredible learning resources. Visit the website to hire an experienced Spanish tutor and kick-start the journey of becoming a fluent Spanish speaker.

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