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I read some articles during I learned a lesson on Puzzle English today. This article was about "rent a friend" . I've never heard about this before. It ( I'm not sure how I should begin this sentence) tells us about pet shop in Japan. This is a very popular place. About 60 people visit it and 'rent a friend "every week . There are about 600 different animals. They have dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, hamsters, rat and mouse , turtles, and even snakes! The manager of this shop tells, that the dogs are more popular, however children very like kittens too. The cats have a long bushy tail, children like watching and playing with it. To be honest I don't have good thoughts about this shops. "Rent a friend" - really?! It's not a good idea. Animals are alive, they have feeling and emotions. We can't take them and after we had good time trow them away. Even if you call it " rent a friend". We must be more responsible for them. They're really good friends for us. I'd read a good phrases about relationship between us (animals and people) in my own language, I try to describe this meaning: The pats for us are only one of a page in our life, we're a whole life for them. P. S this is my first dog. I loved her so much!🙏
May 7, 2021 3:24 PM
أنا كتير مبسوط هلا عشان وصلني الخبر أني ما عم راح أُدرس في الصيف، الحمد لله. فهذا يعني فيني أسوي شو بدي لما بدي في أي وقت. أساساً بلشت الإجازة السنوية بس هاي المرة ما في داعي أرجع عشان عم أترك ‏الجامعة بعد ٩ سنين. هاي النهاية عصر لي لكن ما أحس عاطفي. أنا جاهز لأترك هذا المكان. أنا ممتن كان عندي الفرصة لأعيش هون في هاي الوحة في الوسط الصحراء. خلال هاي الفترة حياتي تعلمت العربي و كُنت متزوج من بنت سورية و سفرت على تقريباً كل البلدان في الشرق الاوسط. ‏الا ليبيا و الجزائر زرت كلهم. أحس جهز للمغامرة الجديدة، عرفت شلون؟ أنا أوقف على الحدود ألغاز جديدة. أنا متأكد إنه الشي يلي لازم يصير، راح يصير. على كل حال، حتى هلا عم يطلع اليوم منيح، أقصدي، على محلي مثل ‏إجازة بالبيت. فقبل ‏ثلاثة أيام، بلشت أتفرج على مسلسل سويدي. أسمه الخليفة و عبارة عن التطرف في السويد. في المسلسل في بنت سويدي مع طفل جديدة في العراق و زوجها في الضعش و بدها ترجع على السويد و في نفس الوقت، في السويد في بنتين، ضغير بالعمر يلي بدهم يعيشوا مع الضعش في العراق عشان السويد عنصري و عشان بدهم يحسوا فخورين في نفسهم و ثقافتهم و في نفس الوقت الزوج لهاي البنت يلي بدها تحرب من الراقى عم يخطط هجوم إرهابي في السويدي.
May 5, 2021 10:43 AM
Day 121 / 365 Hi guys! I'm tired but (I'm) so happy! I've done it! I (I've) just finished to decorate Easter cakes and eggs. It looks delicious. I'm so proud of myself 😊. It is a very important holiday for Christian people (who live in Russia.) It is on Easter Eve today. It'll be divine service at the church all night. My family yearly (every year) make cakes like these. It's our tradition. I remember this warm time, when my mom and I maked it together. She gave me some easy tasks but I understand know, I'd learned a lot during this time, like (as) sponge I took all details and that is more important I took this warm emotions and now I love to cook . Well, we can eat it on Sunday. We also visited our close friends, family and neighbors and gave them a cake and egg with words "Christ is Risen" they answer: "Truly Risen". To be honest we tasted one of my cakes today. It was fantastic! ☺️ I wish you be happy and healthy. Be kind ,and loved!
May 1, 2021 3:12 PM
Day 120/365 Hi guys! How are you doing today? I was full of energy today 😃. I've done a lot of things! I got up at about 7:30 and made dough for the Easter cake. Than I had breakfast with a cup of cappuccino and a sandwich with salmon. After that I did one grammar lesson. Next I went to the gym and complete my 8 workout from 9. ( I use new plan, without machine but I spend more energy there). When I got home I started to make Easter cakes. I did 10 little and two big cakes. I'm going to decorate it tomorrow. I definitely share with you. It was my debut. I've never cooked this before. I hope it'll be delicious. From 3 to 8 pm I was working. The weather is perfect today. It's 30 degrees!!! We went to the dinner after (our)work,and than , we were for a walk in the park near our home. See you tomorrow! Have a good weekend ☺️!
Apr 30, 2021 2:39 PM