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How to delete 50-90% of your grammar mistakes while speaking? Some students might think that recording their voice will help - great idea but there are some mistakes that are missed out! Try to speak slowly - awesome but takes up a lot of time and you don't have any feedback on your progress. After teaching 15+ thosand classes I realized that recording students mistakes while they are speaking is a great tool to help students improve! These are some examples of students mistakes: 1. this is main reason 2. it can be very hurt for me 3. i cannot saw 4. you teach them? 5. when i am young These are some of your mistakes too :) Not all but some. Can you correct them? This is my take: 1. this is the (THE) main reason 2. it can be very painful (PAINFUL).. 3. i cannot see (SEE) 4. did (DID) you teach them? 5. when i was (WAS) young The more you'll correct other people this way - the more you'll notice these mistakes in your speech, hence, improve parts that use to be 'blind zones'! If you want to get rid of your grammar mistakes to sound more professional - look through my classes and book them now. See you in 5.
7 Th03 2023 04:27
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