Mastering a new language might take years, but reaching conversational fluency in a couple of months is entirely doable. . With the right resources such as study material, a professional German teacher, or a tutor, you will be able to speak German like a native speaker in no time.

Here are a few tricks to help you learn German fast and easily.

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Learn the easiest words first

Learning the easiest words first is the best technique for learning a new language. Easy terms help you have an easy transition between hearing and understanding conversations, and eventually, you will be able to converse using full sentences.

The easiest way to learn words ranges between:

Relative words

A German teacher will tell you that relative words showcase your day-to-day activities such as living environment or place of work. These relative words will help you communicate your thoughts and needs to those around you, making it an effective way to learn German.

Common words

Common words are words used frequently. First, learn the words that you’ll use in the most common salutations. For instance, hello in English is “hallo” in German. Your German teacher will give you more ideas and common words.


These words share the same meaning in both English and German. An example is the word finger, which is the same in both languages. Ask your German tutor for more of these words or simply google them.


Try to speak German as much as possible. This can be hard, especially if you don’t live in a German-speaking environment.. But this isn’t impossible.For example, you can talk to your German friend on a daily basis and call out things at home by their German names.

Music helps in quick language acquisition, according to science. Try learning simple German songs and look up their translated versions on the Internet. Use digital tools such as apps, Google Translate, and YouTube to research words that you don’t understand.

Once these new German words and terms become obvious and easy for you, reward yourself. A reward can motivate you to take the next step in learning.

Enjoy the learning journey

Remember that learning a new language is like playing a game. It’s challenging, but it should always be enjoyable and exciting for you. It is practically impossible to excel in something that you do not like. That goes for languages as well. Challenge yourself without fear.

For you to learn fast, choose a language that fits your interest. Cultivate this interest in feeding it daily by equipping yourself with relevant learning material and surrounding yourself with native speakers or people who support your journey.

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