German is an exciting language to learn, and it can unlock a world of new opportunities. But we all know that learning a foreign language is not easy. Most beginners who want to learn a new language find grammar challenges. But, with German and any other language, you should focus on the basics. For instance, German has six tenses that beginners need to master when learning the language.

Why study German?

Around 130 million people speak German worldwide. It is the second most widely used language in science and engineering. There are many good reasons to learn German as a foreign language. Learning it can be a challenge but mastering this language can be very useful for both personal and professional success.

Does it take long to learn the German language?

It’s difficult to say how long exactly it takes to learn German well. No fixed term can guarantee you learn fluently. It all depends on the time and effort you invest in studying. If you expect to see results within a short period, you need to be consistent and resilient.

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The time you need to learn German will also depend on how much you are exposed to the language. If you practice daily, you should be able to have a simple conversation in German in less than six months. However, you should consider that some people struggle with foreign languages more than others. To speak the language fluently, you may need more time and exercise compared to some of your peers. Don’t let this discourage you! Typically, it requires a few years of practice to become fluent in German (as with many other foreign languages).

How difficult it is to learn simple daily expressions and phrases?

To efficiently learn a new language, you should always start simple. For example, start by learning a few commonly used phrases and daily expressions: saying hello to your friends, counting to twenty, or ask for directions, or ordering dishes at a restaurant. Repeat the same phrases and expressions over and over again. Moreover, allow yourself to break the rules once in a while. You don’t have to always observe all tedious and complicated grammar rules. That way, you’ll get a sense of encouragement, you’ll improve your self-confidence and, most of all, you’ll enjoy learning.

How to learn German easily?

Fortunately, there are many online and offline means to help you learn and improve your German. On italki, we focus on the most efficient and fast way to learn foreign languages: online private classes. On our online platform, you can connect with native German tutors for customized, one-on-one language lessons at affordable rates.

Whether you are learning German for work, school, or personal fulfillment, our skilled German teachers and tutors will offer you classes that suit your learning interest, level, and pace.

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