German is one of the most popular languages, with approximately 130 native and non-native German speakers worldwide. Like most languages, learning German as a second language has its challenges. Experts claim that, depending on the student, the language can either be fun, daunting, or frustrating, or all of them at once.

Is German Difficult to Learn?

The answer to this question is yes and no. How fast you learn the language largely depends on your background. For example, it is easier to learn German if you are European than Chinese. The European languages share numerous similarities that make it easy for those living on the continent to understand each other’s language. For example, approximately 40% of the English vocabulary is similar to German’s. Thus, English speakers will find it easier to speak German than Chinese.

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What Makes German Intimidating to Learn?

Also, there is a vast difference between speaking German and writing. Even when you are familiar with all grammatical rules, spoken German has its unique ways, making it different from writing one. That means it is easier to learn the language when you have a native German teacher.

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How the Internet Can Help you Learn German?

Nowadays it is much simpler to learn German. There are hundreds of online learning platforms offering German language courses and tutoring programs which makes it simple to search and connect with reliable German teachers. Based on your preferences, you can choose either a native or non-native tutor. The biggest advantage of online tutoring platforms is that you can experience a real-life class session from the comfort of your home or office.

A reliable online platform should have teachers and tutors with proven teaching experience, which assures high-quality teachings.

German tutoring is popular and there are numerous online educators, making it simple to select a reliable mentor and guide. With the new developments in technology, modern days language learners have no use in seeking a physical German tutoring program.

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