If you are having fun while learning a language, chances are you will learn much faster and stay motivated to keep going. You can play these games to reinforce Spanish grammar skills, prepare for your next Spanish test, or advance your learning while having fun. So what are you waiting for?

Learn Spanish through games

Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting Spanish learning games:

The best games to play for learning Spanish

1. Word Toss

Suitable for: Beginners

Price: Free

Word Toss is an excellent game for beginners who want to learn new words in Spanish while having fun. It was technically designed for children, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t play it. You can play from English to Spanish or Spanish to English, and your goal is to read the word in the lower part of the screen and explode the balloon with the correct translation.

Word Toss

A new set of words will appear if the word is correct. If you select the incorrect balloon, your points will be deducted, and you will receive one strike. If you get three of them, your game is over, so choose wisely. This game is excellent for practicing vocabulary.

2. The Numbers Game

Suitable for: Beginners

Price: Free

This Spanish Uno game is by far the best and most entertaining number game you can find on the internet. It is ideal for learning and reviewing Spanish numbers up to six digits. After you have selected a digit range to practice, a Spanish saleswoman and a series of products will appear on the screen.

Spanish Uno

You select the product you want to purchase, and the saleswoman will inform you of the price in Spanish. Your mission will be to enter the correct price before the timer runs out. If you enter the correct price, you can purchase the product at that price or bargain until a new price is obtained.

3.  The Dialogue Game

Suitable for: Intermediate or advanced learners

Price: Free

The Dialogue Game is ideal if you want to practice your dialogue skills and review what you have learned. You will see a list of different dialogues once you select the grammar area or topic you want to practice. You can read the transcript first and then listen to the dialogue as you go.

When you are ready, click “Start Playing” to bring up a new page. You will then hear two people converse and be asked some questions from which you must select the correct one.

We recommend you look for interesting ways to learn Spanish, for instance, you can learn Spanish in the car while driving, as such strategies are helpful to ensure effective learning while having fun.

4. Advanced Vocabulary Builder

Suitable for: Intermediate learners

Price: Free

Digital Dialects has a lot of ways to learn Spanish, but the Advanced Vocabulary Builder is the most meaningful section. When you open the “Advanced Spanish” section, you will notice four sections: vocabulary builders one and two, animals, birds, insects, and verbs (in the infinitive).

Each category will provide you with a lengthy list of new words to study. Read and study them thoroughly. The new vocabulary is difficult because it is intended for advanced speakers.

Once you have memorized the list of words, click “Play Game” to be taken to a new page where you can put your knowledge to the test. Words will appear on the upper side of the screen, and you must select the correct translation by pressing the appropriate red arrow.

If you think you made a mistake, simply click “Change.” Before moving on to the next round, you will be told if your answers were correct or incorrect at the end of the round. It is a great game to test your language skills and knowledge retention.

5. 4 Fotos 1 Palabra (4 Pics 1 Word)

Suitable for: Intermediate or advanced learners

Price: Free, with payment needed to remove ads

The goal of 4 Fotos 1 Palabra (4 Pics 1 Word) is straightforward: arrange letters to guess the mystery word from four different images. It is an unusual vocabulary tool because it doesn’t teach you words directly and requires some thought.

It is also useful for learning multi-meaning words. You won’t see a doll (mueca) and a wrist (also mueca) together if you play the English version of this game. This game is unsuitable for beginners because it is designed for native speakers (albeit at a third-grade reading level).

6. Freerice.com

Suitable for All levels

Price: Free

Freerice.com is a gamified quiz site with an addictive format and an appealing concept. The World Food Program donates 10 grains of rice to hungry people for every correct answer, which is paid for by sponsored ads that appear with each question.

Free Rice

The site defaults to English vocabulary questions, but you can switch to Spanish by clicking on the Subject panel at the top. The site has a built-in learning curve: correctly answer questions, and you will quickly move up a level and be presented with rarer, more difficult words.

Wrong answers will revert you to the previous level, but with a few more correct answers, the site will give you another chance at the word you missed and allow you to move back up. This is a good site for beginners, but the diverse vocabulary means that even advanced speakers can learn some new words and brush up on those they have forgotten.

7. Bingo

Suitable for: Beginner

Price: Free

Bingo consists of selecting two vocabulary sets and combining them on a bingo card, which you then mark off one by one as you hear the correct translations. The color scheme alone indicates that this site is geared toward younger learners, but adult learners will appreciate the ability to target a specific vocabulary set.

You can also choose between English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English challenges to keep your practice diverse and your vocabulary fresh.

Spanish learning games serve as a great tool to boost Spanish speaking and writing skills, but one must seek professional guidance if he/she wants to sound like a native Spanish speaker.


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Play Spanish Games

Frequently asked questions about Spanish learning games

Q. Are games good learning tools?

A. Many empirical studies have demonstrated that educational games and new technologies have an impact on education and improve learning effectiveness.

Q. What are the outcomes of game-based learning?

A. Games can be a useful tool for increasing learner’s engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes.

Q. What is the Spanish game like Ludo?

A. Parchis is similar to Ludo but with a few subtle rule differences, increased complexity, and improved strategy.


Spanish learning games can enhance your language skills to a great extent. There are plenty of games available online. Play one that excites you and ensures learning while having fun.

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